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Coveted prospect in the dodgers system and Honeywell still on the best prospects in baseball to this day. I think what they come back. I mean, it's they're gonna. To be a very much sought after for this rotation. And then if that's the case yet, some quality quality guys than you might only need one bullpen day a week. So to say so kinda talk about Honeywell little bit. We're gonna go over Honeywell McKay. And then we're going to talk about the seven eight nine guys. But kinda give me the gist on tell everybody what those guys are going to be in when they're new they're going to be up for Br Honeywell, you know, he he could have been on this team last year, if he didn't tears ACL as soon as pitchers catchers reported, I believe it's coming up either. It was this week or next week where it's year anniversary of it. I mean, it was a media. They reported the next two or three days afterward. He tours, you know, he I believe I said he had Tommy John surgery. So you know, he got hurt. And you know, if he doesn't do that if he stays healthy he's called up at the start of that star last year. He's he was ready to go for that rotation race fans Ray to see him, and it was devastate. Eating. I mean, devastating whenever he got her. I remember exactly where I was. It was it was tough whenever he got hurt. And I think as soon as he's ready to get back as soon as he has a few rehab starts, and he feels good. They're gonna get him to the bigs because as I mentioned numerous times now he was ready last year. So I think we'll see him by Memorial Day if not a little bit after that standpoint, a- delone, he tore his. UCLA whatever you do for Tommy John surgery. He got hurt and had Tommy John surgery about a month after Honeywell dead. So his year Mark will be obviously a few months later, but he was throwing off amount in December. There's video of him being excited throw off that mound again in December. So he'll maybe work in to a few simulated games this spring see where he's at. I think that he'll be shortly after memorial. They may be you know, if everything goes, right, maybe on a moral about I'd say about two or three weeks after that he'll be ready to go into some major league action. And I think if they get these two guys plus Blake's now plus Morton, plus whatever glasnost can bring you have yourself. One of the best rotations in baseball. Yeah. And you do it without like a true aside Snell without like a true number two. You do it with just a bunch of threes. Honestly, if if that's what they turn out to be. But if hate to break into people if you ever rotation with two or three fours in it. You're not gonna win baseball games anymore. You know, if you can have, you know, five three plus guys that's one of the best rotations of Maysville. Yeah. I think Honeywell has the only the only one that has a ceiling of being an ace and a ceiling of being Snell. I think delone seething as a to glass now, probably a three maybe a two, but still if you had all those guys up plus Morton, who's just underrated as we said all show about everyone this team, but whose underrated and very quality veteran kinda kinda tell everybody about lefthanded pitching slash D H extraordinaire that is Brennan McKay. Yeah. Brennan mckay. Yeah. They shut them down from playing in the field. He's an actually D H now. But MacKay just has it. He's a serviceable bat, you know, at the plate. You know, not very good in terms of, you know. Wow, ING you. He's not gonna. Wow, you just going to be an average guy who could be beneficial. If we're playing in the National League, if they don't if they don't adopt the D H before he gets called up, you know, very beneficial..

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