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You from these things this is I guess a side thing we decided we know more right thanks for the call the New Jersey won a one point five Mike is in cherry hill New Jersey won a one point five Mike eight see how are you could you he absolutely it's pretty plain and simple he violated the bill right what what he said last night mmhm some of the other asinine comments that he made does it does well does anybody work with him expendable or publicist to say listen if this guy is he's going to bring you right into the trap yeah I know yeah I know guys spin doctor and you usually don't let your guy walk into it Murphy walks into it all the time it can be arrogant he's under that again we have that much money you don't blame with regular people you don't care what now would be to be put to the test he because Donald Trump just keep the governors the authority when they can and can't open state it won't be easy genius he before we get into Donald Trump let's work with Murphy do you believe you violated the constitution by doing that yes he absolutely did it thanks for the call to New Jersey one one point five and our biggest problem we don't do it and that's why we have shows like this and that's why we have stations like this and that's why we have to keep pointing out to people you know he can't even think of it he didn't even think of it that's the part that really gets me so you made that decision as I noted before fifteen congregants at a synagogue in New Jersey were arrested and charged for being in a synagogue together now the bill of rights as you well know protects Americans right in shrines in their right to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully by what authority did you nullify the bill of rights in issuing this order how do you have the power we were that that's above my pay grade talker so I wasn't I wasn't thinking of the bill of rights we did this we went thinking results the day I can tell I can tell absolutely right seven thirty now the latest New Jersey news from NJ one one five dot com more than a hundred and forty thousand new one employment claims were filed by New Jersey ends last week bringing the four week total of layoffs and furloughs in the state after corona virus shut downs for more than seven hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred that does stand as the smallest increase though in the last four weeks as the Kobe nineteen shutdown continues the air quality in New Jersey has improved with unusually low levels of air pollutants to help keep the air.

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