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Right now in the bubble, Clippers and Mavericks just under six minutes to go in the third quarter. Lugar donde is taking a very well deserved rest right now is he's got 26 7, the Mavericks holding on to a 76 74 lead over the Clippers. Kawai Leonard, now up to 27 Lou Williams 14 off the bench. Paul George. Two out of 85 points. Just watching. That would be the line. Paul George. Just watching. Not as if it ends this way. He gets the Anthony Davis treatment tomorrow. Yeah, well, if this isa coattail rider, you know if this ends he's gonna want Alex. It's too much pressure. You know for the Clippers, and you have to go someplace else, and I don't want it to be all on my shoulders here. Hey, there's no guarantee. And then Anthony Davis is coming back on the other side. Other see how crazy that is. Hell, a chaos jumps your fires go. Here's the thing for Paul George Wright, who who didn't want the The mantle of having to carry the Lakers on his shoulder. So I'm going to be the number two in Ella behind Kawai. If you can't fly under the radar enough to be the number two on the number two team in the market, playing in front of literally no fans because of the bubble, and I don't know when you're going to really thrive If you can't ride out to know what I don't know what you can drive. I really don't You would have done that. That is a very deep thought right there, eh? So that's where we're at right now. Obviously, we'll keep you posted on this game and everything going on with big day in the embassy. But clearly the story of the night is what happened during the second game of the doubleheader tonight of the Reds and the Royals, Ruining Matt Harvey Day who finally came back to the major leagues is fast ball hit. 95 Ball was coming out of his hand, pretty easy. They gave up a few runs. But Matt Harvey is not the story of tonight, but it's still Matt Harvey Days was still mad, Hard ones for a minute. What was really did Graham Day because for some reason to Graham is still trending, okay. So during Game two of the doubleheader Thom Brennaman, who has been voice of the Reds for a long time. The Reds are broadcasting games of covert 19 life from their homes on home ballparks, even when you're playing on the road, so as you know, travel on different things. It's a different a different time in major league baseball, but just to give you a set upon on what happened so Coming back from break as you see in baseball games all the time. While sometimes you'll come back from commercial. You'll see a beauty shot of the ballpark of fans eating popcorn or a mascot doing something Mr met flipping fans off and then after five or seven seconds, you'll hear the play by play. That said, Welcome back to the Great American Ballpark. It's top of the third inning. But sometimes there's some time that goes by. You don't always come back from break picture up on the on the ball parking to go all welcome back because sometimes things are happening. There is a con. Station going on. Mainly. It is the producer talking to the play by play voice play by play, Man Woman saying, Listen, this is what we're doing here x y and Z and then Okay, Now we start the broadcast. We see that lag time normally. Now That's what happened here. There was lag time coming back from commercial and Tom Brightman says something completely out of the blue. And it's a home a phobic slur. A few seconds go by. And then he begins the broadcast, as if he didn't know he was on the air that his microphone was on when he said what he said, and then he goes into. Hey, we're back and continue the broadcast. We're going to play it for you in its entirety, so you can hear it, and then we'll break it down as well as the apology. He tried to get away with Later on in the game Red Live pregame show presented by Ray ST Player Roofing. Okay, so that was that was wasn't edited the way that Ah, there was a little bit of there was more of a pause, All right. We need to have that the genuine way was what happened is, he says that's one of the blank capitals of the world. And it was homophobia. Kessler, capital of the world, Then there's time that goes by probably five or six seconds. And then he says, Welcome back to rain American ballpark. That's that's what happens on that. So clearly, he didn't know his microphone was on. Or didn't care that his microphone was that most likely he didn't know, but that's what happened. So that gets out and it becomes a thing. I mean, you use a homophobe slur and it's the word you think it is, They says. That's the blank capital of the world. We don't know where he was talking about what the conversation was going on. It was obviously him and somebody else who was off camera, but that's where it went. And after this came up for a while, he still continued to broadcast the game. And now this is a fake. Wait. The Reds are allowing him to broadcast the game after he said that well, then he tried to apologize for what he said. And this is how the apology went out.

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