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Fares in his first start of the season in the bronx against baltimore we'll see how it looks today we'll talk talk about it a little more next week through we have length mccullers going today for the astros nice mccullers he's a good pitcher he's young pitcher they're gonna be playing in that interleague game remember now that we have fifteen league teams in each league will be having will be have one interleague game one interleague series at least one interleague series going at all time so we have lance mccullers in the second start of the season he struck out ten in five hundred hertz innings in his first start down in arlington against the rangers allowed only three baserunners as i two trips through the lineup and he's going against luis perdomo who didn't have the greatest year last year in the nominee this season he he did have seven strikeouts allowed a few runs and to take loss in his first start for the of the padres team that they once had that good rotation when they had jake peavy leading in that rotation they had clayton richard lefty going rotation back when the padres were contender now they haven't seen to figure out haven't seen to get that big name didn't have i think james shields for a little bit but now he's backing and in south side of chicago for the white sox the dumb backs i mean the padres need to figure out their protection down backs underhand have kind of figured out the rotation they got some nice bulletin that that's probably the team that is team to watch the american league west american league west the national league west of than the dodgers they did just come off a sweep of the dodgers the.

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