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The photo what it is it's just it's a limb he's got a bit but bed bugs bites that his live on the second arm to me i don't know what it is but their getaway by them yeah so this guy in it british airways eric nielsen and his fiancee and her daughter oh run their way to a slovenia for a funeral they found themselves at an overnight flight from vancouver to heathrow so this the canadian couple our family to be i guess the trip left the three of them covered an insect bites allegedly caused by bedbugs well i could get a lot of crazy people in these flights you don't know where they came from bright come on let's be realistic that international flights he said he first saw the bugs on the seat in front of it they sought there was a tv monitor and they saw the bedbugs kind of quote around like on the screen and stuff it's it's the legs i see another shot okay oh all over as calf oh next apparently they're not receiving very good customer service is this guy's pissed on twitter well i would be angry too i would be angry oh yeah how about the family listen this is the brazilian family ready for this on a monday could you use it extra tow i'm just asking the question could use an expert o aurelio hillary good this family everybody has twelve fingers and twelve toes don't twelve families twelve okay so fourteen members of the same family of twelve fingers and twelve toes it's a genetic condition called police activity pauley dak till tilley police actiity paul actively that's it um so that's the most people who have this particular genetic disorder are not able to use the extra digits but this family that the silva family in brazil they all know how to use of all they've been trained their trade like monkeys i tell you when people are able to use those is it be because they're they're they actually just aren't functional or because your brain does it know how to utilize them both good questions do not know although these people put them to use of.

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