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Breaks your wall in half. Wrecking people's dreams. Like saying here's a piece of candy. It takes a long time to melt, and it's got a soft, chewy cyanide center. It's really nuts. Sincerely hope that as we move towards this next election cycle, all of us both both Republicans and Democrats and people stuck in the middle with one ft in both ponds. If you will start to really demand that our politicians wise up That they take care of us in terms of spending, and they don't just spend our future. These are our kids and our grandkids that brand new baby in mind, she might grow up in an era where they pay 70% in taxes. Could be pretty awful. Let's check in with Dana Clark on traffic will be back after the break with your text. 808 590957 Traffic forest sponsored by Marathon for commutes. It feel like concerts, road trips that don't go is planned or long drives that bring you closer together. Marathon has the fuel to keep your engine running at peak performance for quality fuel to every mile. Fill up at marathon looking at construction this weekend. It is along 75 traveling north bound between 94 the Davison starting tonight, nine PM All lanes will close until five a.m. on Monday That's for bridge demolition. Also the Southfield Freeway both directions. At Michigan Avenue, Saturday, six a.m. all lanes will Shut down in both directions until eight p.m. on Sunday traffic will be forced to use the service drives now WJR, whether first from the Weather Channel, sponsored by North will fill properties. If you're looking for a place to call home, like North Bloomfield Properties find the best place for you and your family..

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