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Plus to podcasting legends at camden and keith. Malley from keith. And the girl and our man. Frank connah's from from frank because we've already talked to him a lot. Hey let's see them individually starting with sees the girl keith and the girl at hamda hello how are you. I'm good. thank you for having me on the show. It's always nice to have you here from you in this case even see you. The you've got your video on. And i love that about you. Thank you. It's gonna be the only thing i get right today so i'm really. I'm i think i'm more psyched to be here. Because i know how much i don't belong. I appreciate it well. It's you know it's just nice people having fun time so i think you do belong. I think you're perfect piece of the puzzle. But you're right. There is somebody who has really shown up today. Ready to play. And he's keith keith. And the a girl. Well hello. Yes everybody keith. Malik thank you i. I'm jumping at it because i take I take this stuff very seriously do you. Now you're the host of this is different. But how are you like in regular games monopoly. That kind of thing you become. Do you take it too seriously etc i believe is a young person. I did take too seriously amazon adults. I bare- i barely participate in that sort of thing. Okay i do get. I do get into it like that so i mean i for a couple of years there i got to enjoy going on that show at midnight because it was competitive with buzzers and whatnot. Right right sorta get it out of my my system there. Because i do. I do really enjoy a competition. But did it bother you that editing at all where i come back from commercial and i see that the scores are totally different. Wherever like you're not taking it seriously. I know it's all jokes. But what what what are points. I didn't care for that part of it but The only really rigged against me one time because they thought it'd be funny if i lost on april twentieth. The high holiday on hitler's birthday of all day a sedan with the especially the end would somebody loses. They bathed them in this sad red light and so when i lost that day. They're all excited for me to lose because they had like a green light signed the green line and analysis. That was the only time. I lost in the whole run of the show. And it really. It really besmirches my record. He ran on wicky like he didn't really loose or he played along. The only reason he lost says sources. That doesn't come out. Maybe somebody listing now. Can i go take care of that. But i don't. I just have to let the internet decide. What's what the truth is but when it comes to winning and losing the truth here is that our next guest is making his fourth appearance in as many weeks. It's tv's frank. frank konin hey again. Hey does okay. Everybody's great great to be here. Great to be with all these people that i that i just i mean so much. It's such a lovely environment doing it. This way degrom right now. The the dirty looks their keith. Malley is giving you would. It would increase tension. I think he keeps presents. This week. means my purchase. A longtime champion is is in danger. I have that feeling that no scared of me yesterday. I described adam. Sandler as the guy that says scooby doo. So i'm ready. i'm ready. I would've guessed on that i would have guessed either adam sandler or matthew lillard right those would have been. My guess is because he's across shaggy. of course. of course. I didn't know if i just want to point going for it. This is an avid around with people. I was listening to your latest show. And i thought it was very funny. I had to google like every movie that you brought up. So i'm learning a lot. Oh that's good. I hope i always wished that this would be an educational experience. It's finally finally happening for one person but you are here today..

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