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Storms. Highs of being the mideighties Thursday looks mostly cloudy, warm and humid, with more showers and thunderstorms. High will be in the low to mid eighties. I'm store Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. It is 8 50 here on W T. O P an update on the shooting that took place outside the White House tonight. The Secret Service, saying that the White House complex was not breached at any point, but it was a dramatic moment inside the White House earlier when President Trump was abruptly escorted from his briefing by U S Secret Service. Agent. Just a few minutes later, the president returns saying law enforcement shot a man just outside the White House. There was a shooting. Outside of the White House, and seems to be very well under controlled like to thank the secret Service for doing There. Always quick and very effective work. But there was an actual shooting and, uh Somebody has been taken to the hospital. I don't know the condition of the person. It seems that the person was Was shot. By Secret service. So we'll see what happens. And Yeah. Did you have something? There are no details. We just found out just now. It was outside of the White House in this area right over here. And they'll have details for you in a little while. Somebody is taken to the hospital. It seems that the shooting was done by law enforcement at that person at the suspect. It was the suspect who was shot. And it's just took place a couple of people outside still no other details on what motivated the shooting or the condition of the suspect who was taken to the hospital. A secret Service office officer also hospitalized tonight. Their condition at this time is unknown. Well, breaking tonight, the Faqir County School board voting unanimously to switch the virtual Onley instruction just two weeks before students were expected to return to their schools are news partners at NBC for reporting. Superintendent David Jack changed his mind and told the school board that the county should offer virtual Onley instruction through the fall semester. Faqir County was the only northern Virginia public school district with plans to resume in person instruction using a hybrid model teachers went back to schools on Monday to prepare for the upcoming school year. The owner of the Washington football team is suing a former employee in federal court over accusations that the person was part of basis that a systematic smear campaign against them to cut into his ownership and got paid for. Dan Snyder wants access to documents from this former front office worker, which included confidential team material that was offered up for money. It's connected to a defamation lawsuit filed against Media Entertainment Arts worldwide whose parent companies in India Company published articles on its website last month that Snyder considered slanderous and that have since been taken down. Now the company's founder, denied accepting any money in exchange for a publication of the articles a 50 to hundreds of people destroying property stealing from stores clashing with police this morning in Chicago, 13 officers injured more than 100 people arrested. Police say the riding was not connected to an organized protest here. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, We will not tolerate a circumcised Or a residence or a business is our property and our police officers are under siege by those who don't care about themselves, don't care about their communities and care nothing about the damage that it does to our city Police Superintendent David Brown says. This incident of pure criminality followed the shooting of a person by police the previous day. In the city's angle, would neighborhood heavy police presence is expected in the downtown area until further notice. Coming up in Money news small business owners not to confidence about the climate of late 8 53 as the global leader in privileged access management, a critical layer of security. Cyber art protects data infrastructure and assets across the enterprise in the cloud and throughout the develops.

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