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All cover funkaway topics that can help you improve your life sure inspiring stories and always end with three easy to implement funkaway tips that you can put to work right away and usually in about five minutes. Now, let's get started on the five minutes that could change your life. Today we are talking about the good life I don't know about you but I love the good life to me. The good life is traveling where I want staying in beautiful hotels. There is nothing I. Love than a luxurious hotel, the feel of those Italian sheets. Oh my gosh. You know we all have different definitions of what is the good life for some people it's having a big big old boat to go on cruising around the lake or the ocean in Maybe for others it's too expensive car maybe it's a closet full of fabulous clothing jewels. You know we all have a different definition about it, but here's one thing that I think we all agree on having that material success that comes with. Having. Success is part of the good life whether that you have a better class of wine or you can afford champagne more often maybe you have beautiful jewelry and clothing nice handbags expensive shoes that thing we all have different. Expectations of life but one of the things that we can pretty much all agree on is that there are certain things that we have that make life the good life maybe it's a nice home maybe it's a home with a view maybe it's a an exotic vacation and like I said maybe for you or if you're like me you like a lovely hotel, there's nothing that makes me feel more opulent or pampered than staying in a beautiful. Hotel last year Tim and I went to Italy. We went to Venice, and then we went to Paris and then to epernay. France and we stayed in some beautiful places that I just you know it's something that you just dream of having coffee and breakfast delivered to your room. That's another thing. That's the good life for me I love having Room Service Tim makes fun of me because he likes to go and get coffee to starbucks or go. To the restaurant after we get up in the morning whereas I liked to have? Oh Gosh breakfast in bed brought to me, oh. There's just nothing more special I love Saint Regis hotels because when you stay at them, they have a personal butler who comes to your room and brings you coffee in the morning. So that's just part of staying at those hotels We stayed in one Saint Regis Hotel in Kyoto on the had a little. Private box that you're Butler has access to, and you could get your shoeshine. You could leave things in there and he would take care of them or you wake up in the morning and there would be a tray with gleaming Silver Coffee Pot in China cups to drink out of at just makes me feel great That's what I love. There's another thing that I love in that flowers frequently I love to have fresh flowers in the house. I bet you have certain things that you love to have. It's a big walking closet or you know A. Designer brand clothes you know whatever it is maybe if it's a maybe you've got a large screen, TV that you've got your eye on. Here's what I want you to know funkaway can help you get the good life, and that's because there is a part of your home that corresponds with the good life, and that is the front in the front of your Hong Corresponds to an area known as the Phoenix footstool now I bet you haven't heard much about that but we always here in functionally all about turtles and tortoises in the back of the home and supported the rear and all that kind of stuff. Well, the Phoenix is all about fun. It is it is a an element that corresponds to fire fire is about joy and optimism just think about how how slick, so warm and inviting when candles or flickering, and there's a fire in the fireplace. Fire is the element of fun enjoyment pleasure, success material awards. This is. One of the areas that it's like this is what makes life living yes it is great to have a good income and a good job, but the material rewards that we enjoy our lives whether that's that's a boat, a nice car beautiful home This is what makes life worth living. This is what makes life enjoyable and pleasurable, and this is what the Phoenix is all about. Now, the Phoenix, as you may recall from your your Lore and history is that this is the bird that would burn down and then rise again from the ashes. So this episode is Yes actually timed it's ninety nine, which is the which is the number nine is the number of fire and. Kind of coordinate sometimes with my the numbers of the episode and the the topics just like today because this is like a double fire number ninety nine, this is my ninth episode. In the Phoenix what other bird is is representative of fire. Now, before I jump in really quick I want to tell you that the episode podcast episode five, minute sanctuary one hundred is coming up at a very special gift for you and you'll only hear about it. You'll only know about it if you listen in to five minute punctuates insure to stay tuned for podcast episode one, hundred because I have a gift for you as my thank you for listening but let's Get back to this Phoenix footstool because it is the funniest thing in functional, it is the thing that is all about enjoyment and pleasure. So let's talk about that. Now as I mentioned earlier, we talked about the the tortoise, but let's back up even further. Let's talk about the armchair position. Now, the armchair position refers to the way your home is sited on your lot. So now for you apartment dwellers, you know you'll just have to hang in there with this Because, you can still have your Phoenix footstool to we'll talk about that. But the armchair position generally relates to the way your home is sited on land. So you typically want to have the the back of the House has a little rise or slope upwards or level is perfectly fine but we don't want is to have a house that falls away at the rear because this is just It's one of those things where it's like sitting on a stool all day yet the stool gives you a place to sit but not very comfortable for very long and you're back mind hurt that's because. You have little support and so having that rise is a is a an environmental symbol of the tortoise. The Tortoise provides support and it provides longevity just like you can sit in a chair with the back on it much longer than you can milking stool. It's the that kind of concept. Now, you also WanNa have I as you. If you can imagine if your your house looking toward the street on the left, you WanNa have a little bit of a rise or tall house next to you if you can if that's that's always ideal and on the right, maybe a little bit lower. Or shorter house What we definitely don't WanNa have is is a small house in between two big houses that that creates a whole other set of problems and that's a whole podcast. So. But the armchair position is something that is fairly widely known about funkaway. It's the idea that if your. Spouse were in a chair it would be an armchair there would be a nice high back. There would be a place to rest your arms on either side, and then here's what we're talking about today, and there would be a footstool for your feet. So you kind of want to imagine your house as an armchair and that there is an you know I don't know about you. But I love chairs like club chairs or bear share chairs that have that footstool that comes with them or maybe like a a nice. Cushion of some kind that you can put your feet up on. When you're sitting in that chair, we wanted to have a little rise little mound in front of our house, and that represents like our house where we were city seated in our house. We had that rise behind us and our we could put our feet out in front. Now, we're going to talk a little bit more about how you can represent. That in your landscape but this is how we want to view this this idea of the Phoenix footstool because really when you think about success and like you have arrived, what are you doing? You're relaxing right you're sitting there in your footstool with your feet up, you're drinking your champagne or your coffee or tea or whatever it is. Your is your favorite libation and you're able to relax. That's because once you've arrived. In. In financial terms you've also arrived materially. So for instance, may be have beautiful jewelry or nice clothing or a car that you enjoy driving those material possessions are the things that that make us feel good. That gives us a little bit more posh feeling. Maybe make us feel a little bit more spoiled. And Hey, there is nothing wrong with that because if you work for it and you have put your effort in, then you should be able to be allowed to sit back and relax and portrayed up, and that means enjoy that big-screen TV or that wonderful vacation that amazing crews of the Greek islands or whatever it is that your heart's desire and that means material success to you. So we've talked about this armchair position right and so we talked about that and how important is to understand that the Phoenix footstool is represented.

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