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Know having. The new team this having right now hope he's on again, you know. That the kids The then in. Best in. LA! Kenley, what would be like if the Lakers win a championship in October because that's when they would be playing in the finals, and then you guys would win a championship in October what would it be like in the month of October at that point? We'll be in your country. Talking about the two most favorite teams. In La I mean. It would be awesome, and they will be awesome to have that. You know the Lakers. Know. When a championship in was doesn't ten, and now you know us as eighty eight, so it would be awesome thing you know the. The the fanny will go crazy I. Don't know how you GonNa Stop You know parade a- anything. Parade I make defense will make A. But himself. You know they they will probably protested have rate. WHO KNOWS then. Imagine that so. Hopefully having know if we cap shaving legacy tim. Kelly I got I got one image for you lot of fireworks. A lot of fireworks right? Every I all I hear is fireworks follow rail. The Lakers and dodgers win. This is going to be fireworks two weeks. That's a little over. There will be fireworks I don't know man we'll go. This will go crazy I mean. It's almost like they prefer their mind, you know. Yeah. When when that happened, I mean. Nobody, is magic, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you gotta go back to the eighties. Yeah, for sure Kenley. Let me ask you request though about one more thing about baseball. Look there's been a lot of talk about the Astros right like we all know it. You guys played them. You guys dealt with that stuff directly How do you feel about having to play the Astros again. just honesty with me. Man I mean I feel like we weren't through champion seventeen we got. I get it. like Major League the. Job. You know. Population trip that championship down in nobody WanNa know this. Cheated the worst the been to me. I feel like it's champion in two dozen seventy, you know. Should it be us? We got you. But if you're GONNA play them this year. Just speed a man I'm not gonNA. Throw at Nice or whatever? You know now. He not cheating them to go, and now we got to play baseball and hopefully the compete every game that we play in. Both racing that that's off, feel about it so. Guys whatever that's not. That's not cool. Not Cool Tony any people so I. Don't wish on anybody can do that. To throw people so. just blame him. Kenley, you know it's hard going back to that series. Thinking about how the science dealing could have affected things. You know I know there's a couple of. Play especially in that, especially in those games in Houston, there was a couple of games that really got out of hand with home runs, and an offense and stuff. It's you know, do do do. Do you ever go back through some of that and just go? Like how different that series turns out if you know our. Did this affected you ever? Go back and try to study that. No. The game to feel like. Yes, they can be beat US literally. Beat me game to. The Game Five. Actually you know I. Never see whenever we score for that. Normally. We scored four runs Kershaw. You will not be Kershaw. Kirsch locked in and redemptive come in were fourons, and then we went, scored three runs, and then he came back and scored four runs Kershaw. And then you know our book ending, give up any Rhonda that that that postseason until. Yes vacuum tube, and then for them to. Crush Brennan Morrow and I remember. I was having some tough and. You know I'm like man. That was my actually my best career year that I probably. and. was kind of weird because. They were thinking bitch. bitches was taking like taking sliders. They can you know swinging on my on my pitches like you know like? She was like there was on every pitch and no wonder why. It's like three years later. You know you find out that you know they know. Every pitches was coming, so it's not cool, definitely cool, but you know It's always you feel like major could have done a better job of this suspension. and even maybe strip that title down and just have two thousand seventeen. Nobody wins it but Yeah I mean to me, I'm I'm over it. You know it's just it's not a year. We can win another championship so here we are you know. Focus should be on that and try and bring a championship best. Fairly. Kenley Jansen joining us here, Kenley Man, thank you so much for taking the time to hang out with US man. We really appreciate it. You're awesome. Thanks for sneaking in stay healthy stay safe and best of luck this season, okay? All right, thank you guys, thanks! Thanks Kelli Yay Baseball's back. That's very mad about the award last night. Wake me up on baseball back. Theoretically, baseball is back I. Don't know it's word. We'll see what happens, but. That was like the best news. We've had in a bit right..

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