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I'm really intrigued about the patty pimple potential mattress patty pinball versus grand dawson from our friend brennan nunez. We're going to start up with him. Grand dawson getting ready to fight. Diego fajita on october seconds So if he loses. Maybe do that. But i do not want to see patty pimlott in there with a guy. Like grant dawson right now. Just no no slow. Build grand is a very dangerous guy. maybe someday couple more wins. We see we can start talking about that but no we can't do that Rowntree versus ahlberg. Don't mind that aspen also till versus your hall and then brunson versus cannon here. I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of those. So if i see that again. i probably won't read it again. Patty family versus jamie malarkey. Lot of patty pin love Poppy underscore brian's Molly mccann versus miranda maverick ak eminem. Eminem hashtag on. I'll work that out. Yeah patty the body versus. I know i mentioned malarkey. But milwaukee's getting ready to fight devante smith so maybe the winner of that thought about loser. Grant dawson cd apple. It's slow roll. Correct poppy rowntree versus ed. Herman ak yeah. I saw that a lot. I'm definitely for it. Was not the number one listenership and i saw. I have a feeling. You'll it'll come up as you go on Morona versus any short-notice fight over. That's yeah i mean if you're asking what marana will do probably take another another astronaut verse ikai or the loser of chris dhaka's versus shamila abdurahim off. So we could go that own. Carol marc andre burial versus alessio de chirico. Okay yeah. I think there's some concern. I don't know just east coast. She'll be fine. I think if might released hopefully not i. I wouldn't mind enough light. But the kind of try somewhat trending in ops directions good matchup juliana rosa versus lauren. Murphy feels that with the win. Arose should get the laura murphy fights. Your name was supposed to get originally. I liked that for loan jackson. versus cody. stayman that's a fine match up as well mccain versus. Jj aldrich who i don't believe is books she just wanted to. That's the most popular. When i saw from mccain i i also think what does the one that makes the most sense if i were if i had matched up mccan Say this now. Because of course i'm stealing from listeners. Aldrich would have been. I think the pick a boy. We'll we'll end without and clear on this. This is one that i saw. And social media bunch types clear rounds versus eve night That's the big one. I got so many of those. Yeah that was around. Cheever determined was number two round versus number. One that's the one listeners. Wanna see. I think it'd be awesome behalf. There has to be like an amazing height disparity between the two right now. My crazy is william night taller. Than i think he is and he's all know. Check us out on kickoff. All right Alex jake matthews. Here's an interesting one. Patty pimlott versus tony. Ferguson ak come on. I actually didn't see anything super extreme in my Nester so that. I thought nothing close to that Jillian arosa versus gavin tucker. That's my dog. He's he likes jillian. Rosa versus gavin. Tucker john ray Molly mccann versus the loser of macy barbara versus montana la rosa. Patty pimm versus joaquim. Silva that seems about right. Cla rowntree versus dylan danilo marquez Alex monrovia jared gooden. I think a little bit of headed jarred good. Good just got his first. See win Darren versus brad. Virus ak yeah. That's that was a sensible. I'm surprised i didn't go with that. Actually think again..

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