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Ten of nineteen pretty good florida state had to fifty yard gains and a seventy five yard gain and still lost. Here's a big reason they suffered eleven tackles for loss on sixty two snaps like this all or nothing ask offense that like you know if they can get the ball out of the backfield sure somebody'll take it but they probably can't <hes> <hes> you know and on the other side of the ball yeah you can at their quarterback and at the quarterback constantly he doesn't matter. He's got his brothers names. What are they tiger and bear and berl buck the other one had this tiger buck and bear yeah yeah what the fuck you're gonna do with that florida state all you're creating stars. You can't handle that shit so i mean it's funny like these programs sort of came from similar trajectories boise state in florida state. You know if you look at where florida's day was for the majority of college football history three in boise state up until only about twenty thirty years ago yet. Florida has the advantage of being florida and power conference approval and the whole first half of this game none of those things matter also. They moved it from jacksonville. Can you imagine if you apply the jacksonville. Bill tax on this jacksonville bought myer by the way was slain in that game. Just he's going to be really really really <unk>. Date did everything they could to be an accomplice to him right and stealing the game from them but he hit like a he hit a third and fourteen. I wanna i wanna say on that crucial last drive over coverage for a first down that ultimately ended up being the winning drive yet these these nails. He's a terrifying bisley speaking of flames all morning the liberty flames james spencer hall how many <hes> group of five teams did or non power teams. I should say power conference teams. How many non power argh. I'm afraid to look at you right now. I know it's i all everything i would like to know yet at eleven fifty six a._m. Tom rush roberts. Our friend over at goodwill hunting said holly is this foreshadowing pointing to a story of a vol navy boat burning and sinking in the river next to the stadium and i said i don't know if i call it that and i i texted this to my former roommate at u._t. And she goes yeah that's just shadowing and that was that was at eleven fifty six. I am and what happened next. The answer may surprise you. It didn't surprisingly but it makes you <hes> so i'm looking at a list of tennessee head coaches sensible former one who somehow somehow forgotten that brady hoke is technically on this list oh into yeah that's fun. Oh i wish i had still forgotten lane. Kiffin derek dooley butch jones combined. How many games did they lose. They lost <unk>. You know their fair share of games.

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