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Yeah for sure to for yes she says sure. Sure we gotta sure on the cia producer. Anna says sure we can see it in a you. Perver- hold on. Say if you could just show us the mechanics of this that'd be don't understand. Let's see it all right. Let me see you going to some some kiwis. We're going to bite these kiwis holder or one eight the skin. I actually you know my i feel. I just took a shower and it was cold so like my balls are kind of really close like hugging. Audie what you can't stretch back. I'm trying a lot of people when they take showers. There balls like sort of hang low elongate. Yes right is is a cold shower. I took a cold shower. Why would you do such a big because you just worked out. Yeah okay here he goes. He's shown us the buck. Got the best of the best but well we just see your a well okay. Well it was good. It was assigned science. They looked like to nine. And those look really soft and shaved. You shave your nuts shape. You guys you guys know. I'm not a very hairy guy right other than my head for the head of hair up. Doctor you're nuts. Looked like they were holding their breath. They.

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