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All right Wilbur. Close to Halloween so no better time for some creepy stuff. First of all. Get to talk to you again. My Name's Tim Hacker and I will be. Your host woke Nicole. Chronicles a show dedicated to all the unexplained mysteries of existence as well as everything weird bizarre and dark in the world and this Halloween episode. We're going to go over all the famous cases of ED and Lorraine warn the renowned demon and pretty famous paranormal investigators. Ed's been dead for Awhile and sadly recently lorraine died at the ripe old age of ninety two so she looked pretty good life so we'll just like honor them and explore what made them so famous. Paranormal seen now. There has been a lot said about Moraine. Warn socially conditioned people always attack what they don't understand anything that shakes the little box that they've accepted as reality. Some people say that they are master demon and unrivaled experts in paranormal investigation. While others say that they're frauds and only out for the money but like most things. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Despite any opposing opinions about the Warren's they have had a huge influence on paranormal investigation that is unrivalled in has inspired generations to come. The warns popularity exploded recently in the past decade or so in no doubt thanks to their massively popular and successful conjuring movies including Annabel the non. You know that whole universe that is all based off of Warren cases. They claim to have covered over ten thousand cases on the unexplained. So it's a deep pool to pull resources of stories from the to even made a museum of all their Colton haunted objects that they acquired throughout their careers and when asked the warrants themselves preferred to themselves as demon all ages and they had a very heavy leaning towards Christianity which may be a bias that somewhat damages their credibility and. Don't get me wrong not that Christianity is a bad thing at all just that there's a much bigger picture too high strangeness and Really Nonetheless They were experts in their field lorraine herself was allegedly a psychic. You could see the horrors of people ever since. She was small girl the longest time she never wanted to tell anyone about her special gifts for fear of people calling her crazy and who could blame her. Most people who've experienced more than the mundane take it to their grave with them for good reason when the warns met Lorraine was only sixteen in. Ed was pretty much right away tracked to her noticing that there was something special about hurt something that made her mother girls. This unique aspect of her made him almost instantly. I guess like Infatuated with her at also experienced czar supernatural phenomenon since childhood just like Lorraine he claimed to become self doubt and would grow up to be a World War Two veteran police officer it was also an author and mature and altogether had a pretty impressive resume overall. Their career has inspired dozens of movies novels. And anything you can really think so. This paranormal couple has left quite a creepy but fascinating legacy behind their stories of ghosts and haunting. Cz are legendary in the paranormal investigation community as well as notorious among skeptics. They were also keyon training many paranormal investigators as successors to them but enough blabbing. It's to get weird. Let's get into some of the most famous and well known cases that the warns covered in their long careers you're listening to cryptic chronicles.

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