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Meets the Bobbin Jerry show. Oh twice as nice with Bob. Can you help me out here. Waste because I'm dying and Sherry. Yeah we know now broadcasting from. I'm the palatial Bob and Sheri Studios. It's Bob and Sheri yes. It is and Just before we get into something here. I was online looking at the travel channel website. Here it's just so much fun to watch this website. You've probably never go to most of these places I know I will flip beautiful. And they have a thing attended the most delicious food who'd halls in America so they. This is what I love when a smaller city is thrown in with like La and New York so They've got one melrose market in Seattle. That has all these different types of food there's the grand central market in Los Angeles. It's been there since the one thousand nine hundred seventeen. You can get all sorts of fantastic food green grass fed meats and all of this Fresh vegetables it's enormous miss. There's one in grand central station in New York City. And then you go down a little bit further and Hello Lexington Kentucky. It's the barn and it is. He is Kentucky's first several Artisanal Food Hall more than two dozen vendors including one guy who has atomic rahman its master stor chef contestant. Dan Woo whatever that is. Sounds Amazing Rahman so if you're in in Lexington have little pride. I'd you made it with the big boys this week. Hey speaking of food do you know. Today's National Cheeseburger Day. Oh is that right. Happy National Cheeseburger. Tell you what every time I hear. The were cheeseburger. I just think of that headline in the onion. The Fake News News of paper and the headline was local. Man Says you just can't be cheeseburger and you know I agree if you get a great one. I mean with great the hamburger meat just the right type. The BUN is so important. Not a cold stiff bonus soft moist bun and maybe a little piece of lettuce Do you know what I made not too long ago. Because I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to make everybody in my family. Eat more unhealthily and and they only eat the same things over and over again. Cheeseburgers are one of them. I made pork burgers with homemade Saracho slaw. That sounds good so you get ground pork. Eight never had a pork burger and it's delicious. I mean it's so good so you get some ground pork. It's hard to find at the grocery. Does your story I was GonNa say I can't always find it if I made it because I happen to see at the grocery store so you get some ground pork and I missed some garlic and some black pepper. Sure and What else did I put in there a little bit of chopped Parsley and so you make your pork patties and you cook them just like you would burger and then I took on a bag of if that shredded Broccoli slaw stuff that you can buy already shredded department like that? Yeah and I mixed up a little mayonnaise that go into the burden. No no no I made. I made a mixed up a little bit of Mayonnaise and a little bit of apple cider vinegar and a little bit of Sarah and tossed the Broccoli slaw with that and then toasted up some bonds and put the pork Burger and the homemade Saracho sl- on top of that to my family and they said Oh what's thus I said it's a delicious Port Burger with Saracho slaw and Olivia goes. Oh and care MIA said I don't like spicy things and Kevin said and we all had dinner. The thought that Mr Kevin would like that guy is out on it so the slaw is on top of the baked into the Burger. And you don't have to have this law could have it offside I would have it on the on the side. Yeah I guess you could ask the butcher to though grind grind up some Hey if you're my uh-huh or in good morning. My grandma's meat balls are half beef half pork. That's the secret to the deliciousness half beef half pork. That's what they do in that Pizza Pot Pie. Hi that I love in Chicago. Oh what do they do. They put ground pork with a beef beef and pork together. That is the secret to proper meatballs and remember that meatball video main put on our website showing how to make my grandma's house. Somebody somebody asked to see that again. It's disappeared. I have to remake the video of relate to me ball spending thought of combining a pork and so good and you've never had pork Burger. No it has I mean. It's a completely different I. It's not a Turkey Burger It's not a beef burger. It has that Max. You've had a poor ground pork. Obviously it has a pork Burger vibe and it lends itself self for some reason it lends itself to would you could do it. TEX-MEX I guess but it just felt like it lent itself to kind of in Asia's saying is I know there's a restaurant in Nashville. The does lamb burgers. So you get ground lamb. Oh that was good to a very special greeting to all pita business. They're out there. These checking a like me anyhow. These people grind up one more animal. Well Bison and I mean it's just 'cause I'll make Bison Bison at Costco ground up sent on by I'll make some bison burgers but the pork burger it just it's different different and it's Yummy and it's just if if you live with that one eat the same thing over and over again so you really notice the difference. Oh Yeah and the other thing that I do. Sometimes when pork tenderloin are on sale. Like Bogo I get them and I cut it up into bite sized chunks and I stir fried in the walk with a bunch of ginger here in Chile and stuff. You know you're everybody's stir fries. Chicken stir fries beef a put. You haven't lived until you start for. I forget what I was GonNa tell you about in this segment of stir fried pork we got onto the pork thing. Yeah I think I will and when you put it in front of your people they can go nope. No it's Bob and Sheri and stuff you won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri odd cast on the Bob and Sheri APP. Get it now in store or Google play so this story happened in Effingham County. Which is in Georgia? Tell everybody how you spell that E. F. F. F. I n. g. h. a. m. Effingham County. I would love to be the mayor of Effingham Sheriff about uh-huh to find out you get. I'm sorry you're referring Nita F. Y.. We're moving to where there's there's an affiliate we've missed a good morning. So Oh so. I'm going through the news wires the other day and I see that we have We have an incident in Effingham in Effingham. County Georgia with two guys one is named Brian. Oh you Johnson and the other one is named Brian Austin and immediately that. Got My attention because Bob and I've seen this before if you're hanging out with somebody and you both have the same name name I don't know why at least it shows up that way on the. It's it's some sort of a rule so I'm Brian and Brian. We're hanging hanging out in the other Brian and his other friend Brian. We're hanging out I think. I think it's Brian Johnson's Home in Effingham and and they were doing drugs. They were They were smoking. They were smoking meth and So the question now now today is going to be. Is it possible to get too high so we have the nine one one call where Brian and his other friend. Brian Uncalled Effingham. Nine one one so this is actually. There's going to be to call in here. The first one is involving them thinking that there are people in the in going running around their car the second one. He's whispering because he thinks somebody's in the house. Describe where he lives in Effingham County. Georgia Georgia go sheriff's Office Assistant.

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