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Bill flash ski what he paid Sarah Spain and Kevin Blackstone for the last time in this reality today. Little matter of how far LSU dick Nolan's fescue being forty Niners history or best QB ever ever. Speaking of goat's Brady, verse Rogers, and really speaking of goat's Simone, biles doing the single greatest athletic achievement in the history of sport. One last time without be mentioned a reality. Let's go around the horn. Are you guys ready money today? This show better. Here's Tony really we start with the Nick Mullins revolution. It was televised to sixty three passer rating over one fifty so good. Last night is Twitter account was Berith mid gate Kyle Shanahan, and you'll never know until you see someone that is incredible advice. That is incredible life advice fake that people and have a good weekend. The six most exciting version sports going forward CD better. Nick Mones QB controversy. Also, the raiders, Sarah. Let me ask you. This was moans that good over the raiders. I don't wanna take anything away from him because you could put up a bunch of guys and have their first NFL start not result in at one fifty one point nine passer rating the game he put together that being said he was only pressured on four of twenty two dropbacks any only through zero passes and debate windows, meaning that raiders defense stinks. He still stepped up its. It's still an amazing story. But he was certainly not facing the most terrifying of opponents last night. Devon, black stone out of your view moans. Not only was it. Not the most terrifying. It was actually the most terrible passed in the NFL. They lead the league in allowed yards per attempt, which means nobody's ever around anybody that they're supposed to be covering their twenty ninth and touchdown surrendered through the air. So what you saw last night was par for the course with the raiders pass defense. So give credit to Mullins for hitting his open targets. But unfortunately, have to give them an Asterix because of who was playing against Bill Plachy. Yeah. I really so much want to give credit to this guy. What is so such a great story? You see him crying after the game? Do the stories about him credit working out piping? He was calling. Yeah. You know? But it's the raiders. And they didn't even you're saying. Satistics the easiest a life or quarterback in any game this season in differ for the entire league. So I just don't see how anything statistically Friday is the easiest show to score points at around the horn. And you don't see me raining on your parade. Nobody page you have more Friday wins than anybody in around the history. Should we put an asterisk on? All those no not at all. And I don't want take you away from him. And then you took stuff away. We got to Bill punishment going no fit spot that made you about defense. Oh, by let me talk about Molin does the only only panelists here who's ever been to Hattiesburg, Mississippi and covered games for Mississippi..

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