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Does bother me because I do think this impacts our society, really harshly. You've had so many people like with other African American Jewish like there's been so many horrible things recently happening a little boy police are looking into whether other people were involved in the shooting. But so far no arrests have been made, he Lee Hanson NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S. Louisville's new FBI chief starts today. He is James Robert Brown junior was named the new chief yesterday. Brown was a deputy assistant director and the national security branches weapons of mass destruction director. Rated FBI headquarters, he replaces former special agent Amy Hess who left Louisville to work in Washington. I do study shows men still aren't getting the message when it comes to protecting themselves from skin cancer. The researchers say skin cancer deaths. Among men have soared in wealthy nations, while mortality rates among women are rising more slowly or even declining in some places bleed author Dorothy Yang of London's Royal free hospital. There is some evidence from several studies that suggest that men possibly don't protect your skin as well as women do more than ninety percent of melanoma cancers are caused by overexposure to the sun making it one of the most preventable of cancers. Something more men need to take on board. That's Vicki Barker reporting and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds a new record. He's the first quarterback in the NFL to gain more than eighty thousand yards in a career the milestone came during a thirty one seventeen win over the Packers Sunday in Foxborough. He ended the day with a total of eighty thousand seventy four yards. Your next news update at ten thirty. I'm Paul miles. Newsradio eight forty W. H E, Kentucky, Anna's breaking news, weather, and traffic station. One thousand dollars..

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