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How a player would respond to changing from better to better and whether there some defensive penalty associated with that but it was another weird one emblematic of the mid season and in twenty years maybe i'll to a retrospective on that game instead yeah you probably don't need to worry about a shame when you're dealing with the catcher who's playing yeah and third base so much so in this one opportunity made some sense i had seem that you linked to the baseball reference box or of the mariners buddhist game before i saw kelly gruber did not notice that he was cecil fielder whose yet literally that ussl fielder who is doing this and cecil fielder you know he was mostly not a guy who moved around yes and the whole story but he he moved around plenty in this game and in his career he had seven games he appeared at third base and he had two games where he appeared at second base one of them as if this game where he appeared at second base in the like nine times but then three days later in a game between the blue jays and the a's he played an inning and second base again and those are the only two games were cecil fielder played second base at the majorleague level and now i want that article to continue and i want you to track down cecil fielder the second game on may 25th so the blue jays lost the as it appears this was the nickname of a double header so in this game cecil fielder pinch it played second play thirdplaced second third and play second said the same thing happened again to a lesser extent maybe already knew this because you were working on article yet i think the game after may seconds maybe the the very next game i think gruber and pat borders did the same thing to a lesser extent so i never got the full details but i assume there was something similar going on tennis mismatch situation where they just ran out of fielders.

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