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Really trying to win the three point shooter. You'll remember all of that. And yeah benn and joel have contacts out of it. That's a bummer. It highlighted the risk. But i don't think it was one of those things where highlighted that. The whole event was irresponsible. The nba treated this like a super super intense regular season game. War testing war quarantine. The exposure came before they got to atlanta. It appears that did not come in contact with anyone in atlanta. This is the kind of stuff that's been happening in the regular season period. Who knows what would have been who knows what's been going on right now with the players around the country so i do think i get why the optics are bad but i think it was worth the squeeze and that's before you get into what they did rage. Vcu's in terms of exposure and all and look. We just showed some video right there of janas with his son liam which was really cool. Those moments are so great. We remember the video of steph. Curry is a kid with his dad. Dell right so who knows. Maybe we'll be showing that video twenty years from now talking about little liam takubo and a quote after the game. One of the reporters was asking him about just the reckless abandon. In in a good way right the positive joy that he was playing with and how he just launch those three pointers as if he didn't have a care in the world if they went internet and he he was just having so much fun and he had a great great line. He said this season. I am choosing fun over fear. He said i'm not going to be scared anymore. If it doesn't go what it's gonna look like. I thought that was really cool. And steph curry had a mic. Drop line after the game as well which we'll get to later in the show. So that's a little teaser. You but i want to get to blake griffin next because the six time all star.

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