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Hedge against. This is all confusing. Todd firmin's big bucks bet. He gains fa- futures bed on fox. Bat live so i had. I need the box. I wanted to bring the bucks down to even or something so i could have done box combined with each team scoring at least one hundred points which they did the sun's disk they had brought at ninety nine with a minute left and they scored like with almost no talk and booker. They let booker go with easy layup. But anyway i stayed away from that and took this market chev- moneyline like you told me and now you're saying it's like the way i think he's gonna win easily market. Chevy's been well the problem. The reason i'm taking the distance house because market chef to win on points is minus one. Twenty the fight to go the distance as minus twenty four. So i just. I just figured actor pretty much the same number i just get the added benefit of i mean he's a minus seven. How knockout even also knock. I could not get plus three thirty by market chavez of submission by him Fifty which. I got to do the double chin. Yeah you can do the job. Knockout and submission. I mean it's very possible. I mean look. He was dominated by. Kitchen was dominic against dober- who i think is a really good fighter. The only thing boys in in one thousand nine hundred has never been stopped. They've all gone the distance fi- five of his last six fights. Five last six fights have gone the distance. Although these are three round fights both guys haven't fought five round fight so Yes over five is less six point. Zero gone the distance market. I think you know Two of his last three of gone the distance at three. For he's minus. He's oh he's when he is he is dominant. He is is is an animal using kid. You could go. you could go. What would you do you go by. Tko plus submission. That's plus one forty or would you go and points minus two wait suit. Was there a tko oser. Knockout or points option. Yeah that's mine that's mine is to nats. Yeah that's the highest. Yeah all right. Let's go the distance. I think he'll he'll i think he'll win almost every round but yeah i think it's this is another one all man i. I hope we don't have to leave this up all his main event. Now he's pretty dominant not to say it's good but yeah Dhammika parlay kid Let's get back to the nba where we know. The officiating is a screwy. what your best. Yes song gonna stick ya. I have The one i gave out the other day fleetwood to finish in the top twenty right now. That would be happening. He's tied for eighteenth. It was several players to wonder couple haller to left. So that's at least as a shot on going to be taking the sons to win and crowder five or more rebounds at plus one. Oh four crowder is gone. Five straight games with over five rebounds seven of his last eight. He's gone over five rebounds. I think the sun's come out. Nah play greg game as we talked about before crowded grabs five. Boards has been very good. He had eight yesterday And that's plus one of four. So i really liked that all right. I'll go with you there. paul ince. he's the most annoying player demand the final. So let him just annoy me a little more right. Let's just re route for all you gonna look. I mean eight six ten nine five that's his rebounding totals before dad who's four. Seven cities is money with these rebounds. He's gonna get five five. Plus i like the fact that it's you know it's five or more kind of like i had cam johnson last night on my extra points pick. I actually thought. I lost Said something because it was ten or more points and he had ten. I was thinking it was like ten the ten plus ten plus and that plus one. Oh wait harry what's got deal it's got right. Can i bet that he'll wear an undershirt. I really think mine is absolutely all right. Listen It's time to take a ride on the riverboat casino. Where once in a while. The degenerate try than i set sail tackling pretend propositions based on sports and pop culture. Our friend harry here. Big time loser is lost. Last three weeks has not won a game but we love him just the same. He's turning fifty years old a half century of losing only boy yes. Fifty turns on. Friday turns fifty and goddess thinking in honor of our harry's fiftieth birthday. Who is the greatest harry to ever walk. The earth is it. Harry gagged on. Yes that's our guy minus. Four hundred. Is it harry carey. Famed chicago cubs announcer three to one odds. Harry truman president. Seven to one odds harry. Houdini famed magician twelve to one odds or the field at even odds. All right brother bribes. First of all say harrison is a much better name. Right harry is just very just seems like a nickname right. is that true areas that even Strong it's not harold. Harold vanass many many times. What your real name and on my birth certificate. Say harry. i'm actually a junior ari junior. I can't believe they have birt's just to give the doctor a non lottery ticket and say thank you. That sounds right. I do like harry carey while we also have. There's harry styles give us. I guess watermelon sugar of the layout of the last year. We have harry. From harry and the hendersons which i was thinking of but he doesn't talk So i'm gonna go with go with harry done What are the all time. Great characters from from my youth dumb and dumber Yeah i think he's worthy. I mean he was the smarter of the two I know if i guess he's dumb right he's dominant and lloyd hammer So yeah you know it's It's a step up from harry. And harry done already done better hair. Better to better ari ari all right paula. Kid first of all harry. Happy fiftieth Well done it talk about against all odds right. Fifty awesome job big brother brian. I unfortunately won't be there but what we're going to be filled in all the hijinks happen. I'm going to say. We'll harry's harry's probably the most infamous harry out of those out of that list right is definitely the most infamous but than say harry houdini because he could make our harried disappear. All right. Not easy to do yeah. Hey didn't harry. Houdini die got punched in the stomach and diet guide fifty two years old. Somebody was like part of a stunt wasn't really a magical stuff. You should do that harry you. Should you know the way two years of your lucky enough to get there but at fifty to challenge someone to do the same Listen We could make fun and and pick these other guys but are harry is the answer. There's just no question. These other harry's have nothing on him. It's been a legendary fifty years. Let's break it. Down to harry. Carey ever turned down a career in broadcasting literally drive by his internship in atlanta continuing onto the bright lights of vegas where you started career as a lead professional for three days before he went flat broke down that he did not did harry. Houdini a kid harry. Houdini ever as treasurer of his dirtbag fraternity brothers to bed on monday night. Football games and those funds disappeared. That's online student apple. That's koroma lines. They went under because of harry. Harry truman ever do a podcast. In costa rica giving out his best golf picks on the phone while a prostitute nibbled on his ear. Yes did i looked at up to do that. That's actually how he got elected the second time. So there you go. Our harry wins at my one hundred hours. I'm thanks good job. Joe baby-faced joel solomon. You have anything to add here. You guys did forget about my favorite hairy a hanukkah harry of course but no of course it's a terry gag. Non part man. Part vending machine is the absolute.

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