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Of the U. S. Constitution. America first. Thanks for joining us in his America first Dr Sebastian Gorka is out today. Enjoying some well deserved, as they say in radio Well deserved time off. Now he's taking a vacation day. I'm Jennifer Horn. Happy to be in with him. You conjoined us by the way in conversation at 83333 Gorka, That's 8333346752 Joining us on the line is one of my great friends and of course, star of Hunter, the television. Siri's that may was made famous on NBC during the eighties who's also an incredibly talented football player broke all kinds of records in his time in the NFL playing for the Giants and the Rams. His name is Fred Dryer. Follow him on Twitter at Fred Underscore dryer now, Fred, we talked about baseball. We got that out of the way. Let's talk about Washington. Now the team which we're still going to call the Washington Redskins because hello, years and decades of branding. The Washington Redskins have said that they're going to change their name. And on Thursday of this week, they came out and said that they have come up with a creative name. Are you ready for it? They took years and years and months and months and days and days to come up with the wonderfully fantastic creative name of Washington football team. Isn't that very creative. Now, I was thinking maybe they could be the Washington thin skins, but nobody seemed t run with that so Fred. They had fought the pressure on this for a long time. It wasn't even a group of Native Americans originally asking for the name change, but Then. They decided as of a couple of weeks ago that they would go ahead and move away from the Washington Redskins. And now they're calling themselves the Washington football team. This decision this has been something that they've been called on to Dio. But not necessarily by people that you would expect instead by white elitist who just thought it felt bad to call the team. The Washington Redskins. Well, I suggest this and in the in the course of uniforms for every team, but the Washington Redskins, I think in the sixties Had the best uniforms. They had what they call the RAF Guliani feather that came up from the back of the helmet to the front. They had a non offensive logo. They didn't put an Indian with a big nose like I come up on the hood of your Pontiac. They didn't put that on the helmet to inflame people. They should go back to the RAF Guliani helmet and the uniforms and keep it really simple. The great color combinations will stand the test of time and it's a great uniforms. But they should go back and put the feather on the back and continue to calm the Redskins. Yeah, it seems that this is not quite the I don't know. Maybe the most important thing the Washington Redskins should be working on because Fred, if I'm not mistaken, it's been a while since that the Washington Redskins have been to the playoffs. It was I think, 2007 since our last visit 2005 since their last playoff game, I think the last time they won their division was back in 1999. So is it possible that teams like the Redskins may get caught up too much in the politics in trying to appease the cancel culture? When really, they should be trying to focus on? Oh, I don't know, playing winning football. Well, of course, it's like that. That's true for any business, especially in sports. When, when the outcome of your businesses happening out in front of everybody, Andi all you gotta do to present yourself the correct way. Dan Snyder this guy he could have headed this thing off. A year. 10 years ago. He could have said Okay, so you guys you send to them? I can see that This thing is going to build. I'm going to be jumped on by fellow owners and the FedEx people and we're going toe. You know, we're goingto we're going to have a hard time here with this logo. So let me just change it now and they would have left him alone. Believe me, they would have left him alone. And find him right now I'm going back to the feather. Take the Indian off the side of your helmet back to the feather. Keep it simple and say, you know something. I like the name Redskins and I'm going to negotiate with you. And this is what I'm doing. By the way. He paid a couple of $100 million for this thing for the Washington football team. Yeah, we only have 30 seconds. They were up against a heartbreak but want to ask you as a former player, do you? Think it's appropriate for the president to chime in on matters of of this kind of thing going on in sports. Sure he's a fan. I mean, he's a human being. Why shouldn't he? I mean, you know, I don't like one thing I like about Trump is he's got his nose in everything. He doesn't have this nose and everything. I think that's right. Alright, Fred Dryer, we thank you so much for your time. Lots of stuff unpacked from the Redskins. Tio opening day.

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