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News. A our news on ninety two three FM. Get some perspective. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. So what's going on? Now, if you think that it is there's something going on. If you think there is some shenanigans because we are over a week removed from the midterm election. And we still don't have all the votes counted. Well, I would only encourage you to go back and look at history because history has shown that it takes usually much more than a week to count all of the votes the difference. This election is that we have races that are so close. That they can't call them because of the outstanding belts. Normally give me. An example. They call Doug Ducey as governor on election night because the outstanding ballots ain't gonna change the outcome of that elect, right? He was he was prohibitively in the league, right? We have a secretary of state right now still not been called still not being called because it's still too close. They're still counting. But is the fact that they're still counting ballots is the fact that some Democrats won statewide office or national office cinema and the Senate proof of some nefarious activity. Well, the Arizona Republican party thinks something's fishy ever received so many complaints and concerns about the voting process and then on top of Adrian's emergency vote centers. And it seemed like maybe a coordinated effort with the cinema campaign. Encouraging people to show up to vote at emergency vote centers without ID. We just decided to take a holistic approach to everything and and get to the bottom and get some real facts. Jonathan lines the Republican party chairman Adrian, he's referring to his Maricopa Kenny recorder Adrian Fonterra's that these emergency vote centers that were set up where we're very clear, I remember us talking about them, you could you could file a provisional vote. If there was an issue with your voting center, if you if if there was an issue, you could go to money's emergency centres, and all that did was also gave them the opportunity to check out whatever the information was in the right and verify that you are a legal voter and your vote then counts that not I don't see that as proof of of anything. We are Jonathan lines though was asked what is the goal of this who wants to be prepared for the next election. But second people have lost faith in the election process when they hear and see irregularities. You know, they ask themselves. Why should I bother to participate in this process and oftentimes stay home? So we want to ensure that our election integrity is intact. Jeff money in for Pamela Hughes. Jeff did people stay home at this election as they were concerned about voter integrity voting integrity, or or we're concerned about any of this. There's a report today. And this does not surprise me at all that the midterm election was conducted ten days ago. Resulted in a record amount of of voters turn out that was record-breaking blue blue all other out of the water. If there was if there were people who were saying, I'm disenfranchised discouraged because I don't I can't depend on the accuracy of the ballot count. Who are they? And the argument falls apart on face value. If your argument is that because of the way votes were counted because of polling centers, you didn't even show up. Well, how the hell did, you know? There was a problem before the only problems they have are these fantasy the tinfoil hat crowd believes there were issues. And the only reason they think there's issues is because all of their candidates didn't win exact again voting irregularity voter fraud is the new code word for I don't like how this election turned out. I don't like that more people voted against me, then voted fine a sore. Loser. Absolute it's all it is. That's all it is and the Republican party. I think knows how to read bath. And we had some of their consultants. We've had some of those strategists in there, and they know they lost Maricopa County, and you know, why they lost Maricopa County because women. Specifically college educated women voted overwhelmingly against Republicans. They weren't necessarily enthused by Democrats, but they really don't like Republicans. So the Republican strategy is we need to stop so many people from voting, right? And I I had to tell you going into the midterm not this the primary in September the. Yeah, the primary in September. But the November midterm general election. I was very curious to see we had been hearing for two years that boy, you know, women are going to get out. They're gonna make voices heard. And I was really curious to see if that really happened. Well, I think we got our answer. Not only did they show up. But in the past women had been nearly fifty fifty right? Nearly fifty fifty are versus the that's not true anymore, and the and the guy in the White House better keep that in mind as he starts to put together his campaign for another term. So as opposed to the Republican party looking at how can we better? Engage. College educated women or women in. General we're going to talk about how can we how can we cast doubt on elections? And what can we do to stop so many people from voting right because that's our only chance at winning elections in the future. That's not a good sign. I noticed that they they believe the cinema or these others are problems. But they don't have any problem that Doug Ducey got the most votes in the state of of all candidates. Doug Ducey got the most. Yeah. They don't seem to have a fraud in that way. Count. Every who who voted for Ducey that you now? Yeah. They do a disservice by by sowing the doubt that.

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