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Brain damage so Jesse wanted to he wanted revenge he I guess he healed up after the beating went and found he looked first he couldn't join the normal confederacy because of his age and he found a group Quantrill's guerrillas who would let him fi and that's you know he was very good at what he did all the guerrillas were extremely good marksman they were great horseman they they had such a bad reputation most people would they were afraid of just the name but the fighting with brutal throughout the civil war mostly red legs and Quantrill's guerrillas back and forth sometimes union troops would be involved and after the war had ended when everybody else in the Confederate army was granted amnesty they didn't grant amnesty to the guerrillas so it was if they turn themselves in like Jesse and tried to do yes he tried to turn himself in a got a bullet through the long or is that for and somehow live and that he just if they knew that if they surrender to forgot call they would be executed and that you know it kind of forces you have to make a choice leave the country for live up to your name is an outlaw and I guess you know obviously they chose to live up to their outlaw brand and and were they targeting trains that were carrying gold they are getting yes from what I understand they targeted a lot of the gold shipments that they they had entail somehow they had the Intel and they knew usually near what trains or stages for caring goal sometimes you know they would also go through and rob rob some of the passengers but at that wouldn't of that would have amounted to much sometimes and that they had to they had to have good Intel and I don't know how they got the Intel.

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