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I use some time that the tractor is the thing that polls the team whereas the trailer is obviously going along for the ride. I think jimmy garoppolo is more trailer. Been tractor now. He's a nice trailer. He's built trailer. He's a bit more refined. They put some nice pieces on him. He moves a bit easier. He's not one of these older slower. Not as well made rusty trailers like he moves pretty decent He doesn't always hold you back but he's not the best but he is better than average and i think bill belichick would look at the opportunity to get him any probably jump at it. He didn't want to part with jimmy garoppolo. In the first place member he wanted to part ways with brady and he wanted to keep garoppolo. And i think bill belichick would do was he'd look and see that garoppolo still has some years on this deal. He's not making nearly as much as the top quarterbacks in the league at this point because of the way his contract was structured and to be a thing of bill bell check could trade for him. You would then have your quarterback and then he could focus on of on all the other areas of the team he could focus on really looking for a top receiver. He could focus on getting some more defensive help and so on and so forth Other than that. I just don't know where else he would go. But when i look at the niners. I just think this is one of those really funky years. Some teams are just a bit more injury. injury people think of like the eagles or the chargers as teams that just perpetually get her this year. The niners are battling injuries at every single level of their team. I mean what is it again. They have like thirteen players. Or on. I are it does not Acl's and and and messed up knees in in strains richard sherman still hasn't seen the field though the running backs her top tight end. Her receiving core is her. This is just not the rear. So i would take the packers to win the game. I think when it convincingly and i honestly think nick molins like it might not be the worst idea for the niners to go. Forward with nick mullins. I think nick mullins is pretty decent. I think you can do better. Which is why. I think given shanahan's history. I think he would look at a guy. Like matt ryan or a guy like kirk cousins as people to may i in trade for. I don't think that is gonna be bad enough to get a top pick. Maybe they would be aggressive enough to trade a hall of picks to get top quarterback in the draft. But i don't think so So i would look at guys like matt ryan or cousins to come available in hell. They might shock us and they might go ahead and grab another guy free agency. Maybe sam darnold. Maybe they'll try and trade for him. You could always look dak. Prescott cam newton mitch. Trubisky like maybe kyle. Shanahan will just shock us all other than that. I will take the packers to outright win this game and it was coming up next valentine's day get into my expectations versus reality for the entire. Nfl that coming up next topic today. Thank you for tuning in this. Show built around the women from the ufc to the extreme cage..

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