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They got that red zone monster that's going to be you know, that's gonna catch a fade in the end zone and maybe an important game. But if you're hoping for a contestant catch wide receiver. I think you're going to be disappointed in someone like heard because he's a really big wide receiver. But he plays smaller than he is. Is if you look at all of his contests catches relations, yet eighteen of them not a lot. And he has four catches on eighteen contested catch situations. Not only is it not as he saw frequently. But when he did see that situation. It wasn't something he excelled at. So that rate just to kind of put that into some context here in this draft class, the only player that that was better than love this that I love it is Hollywood Brown. Who is the smallest dude in this draft class is maybe favorite stat of the entire fucking draft. The fact that someone who is six five to twenty five has a contested catch rate that is on par with someone who was it was considered basically pint-sized who maybe not much bigger than I maybe needed a step stool to hug the Commissioner. Like, this is the kind of player that we're talking about. And yet he has a similar contested catch rate to someone that you might think to yourself do six five. And so this is one of the things that that I'm really kinda struggling within watching his. Game. So far I mean wash all of his targets last year. So this is all that he's got to offer as a receiver right now. One of the quotes Cal Shanahan had right immediately. After this pick happen when when him and Lynch, we're talking with breast was that they felt like they got the two most physical wide receivers in the draft in these two players. And I think with deebo you one hundred percent see that there's no way that you can turn on his tape and not see the physical element of his game. I don't know where it's coming from with her. I mean, this was a guy that I just again, consistently did not see the ability to to kind of shed tackles or anything after the catch with his physical illness. There. He wasn't doing it at the catch point in winning those tough catches. He wasn't even doing it..

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