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Seven thirty PM in New York. I'm Ramy Inocencio. And I'm Doug krizner. We are live from the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio, we've got trading today in Seoul. And in Sydney, no trading in Tokyo for a holiday right now, the kospi is down about two tenths of one percent. And the ASX two hundred is better by about two tenths of one percent. A closer look at markets in a moment right now. This hour's top business stories, right? And it's gonna be a big week Doug for eco data coming out of China that includes numbers on trade on credit and on money supply. The numbers coming on trade will clearly closely watched to see if any exports dropped there. They did search earlier this year as companies advanced orders before Washington's tariffs on Chinese goods kicked in and staying in China for a moment, we were told that Apple's home pod will be available on Friday. That's according to the company's website local players like Shami and Alibaba currently dominate this market separately watch the iphone suppliers in Asian trading today. That's after the Wall Street Journal reported that apple is planning to release three new models this year. Yeah. Also, staying on its competitor. Actually Samsung is unveiling three new phones there. But in India to try to win back fans in the country. It's been losing market share to show me and others. The low price M series phones will launch February fifth the cheapest will run about one hundred forty bucks, and that's targeted toward millennials. And that group makes up a third of the country's one point three billion population. Meantime, China I'm sorry. Viacom is said to be discussing selling a majority stake in its Chinese business. More on that from Bloomberg Susanna Palmer, we're being told New York based Viacom has had talks with at least one Chinese entity and the discussions involved at the potential sale of a majority share in Viacom's channel brands like MTV, Nickelodeon. The move comes as the media conglomerate tries to scale operations after more than two decades of business in China. Viacom sold its majority stake in its Indian venture. Last year. Susanna Palmer, Bloomberg daybreak Asia. And we will continue to keep an eye on an Heiser Busch. Inbev shares did surge Friday in US on word that it's eyeing a five billion dollar Asian IPO. And this could help unlock value and pay down the company's debt, but Bloomberg's Lizzy forty eight says it could also help the world's largest brewer do more deals in Asia. A big consumer market for bear. Which is seen a shrinking in North America and Europe. So this gives them a chance to look at maybe some the local pros over that. And to try and grow the market share and Anheuser Busch inbev, by the way is already the largest foreign beermaker in China. We were speaking earlier about corporate earnings will be a big week for the US financials. We have more from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett. It'll be a busy week with plenty for traders and investors to keep an eye on lots of economic data. Several fed speakers trade tensions and earnings Neela Richardson is senior investment strategist at Edward Jones. We're seeing risk as fairly. Balanced, but it's important to remember that because valuations have come down there..

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