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Against the white sox and so i don't know if there's any correlation between getting these strikeouts if he's going for them and the home runs but that has kind of mitigated the success in curb the upside of those strikeouts j half thirty five year old lefty going do you buy into this strikeout rate ian and if not what we really see out of have i mean i do buy into the strike the problem i have is vision that he pitches in tuesday's growing up against the red sox also if you look at who is striking out and striking out white sox auriol's oils so hor he's struggling the cream of what he talking about yemen and he's struggling he struggled against the aunties and he's gonna have to face the eighties and the red sox quite a bit of course ceesay he's good but you know if you're in that division it's got inaki down a stronger point as far as i'm concerned because you know you're going to run into any give up six hundred one day against the the red sox away and that's just the way it's going to be but if you're toting a home run issue that's that's the worrisome thing with jay have justin jay hop or ian anna a in a in a twelve right okay okay so how do you assess j have with the with the big thirty two percent strikeout right but then but then the homer issue and what ian brought up about the division which will likely exacerbate or at least keep that homer issue to be a problem of some sort is he somebody that your full fading when you take in half over him or j have somebody that you have a place for but just not over ian ham.

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