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I've been realize his son was an assistant coach. Luke. That's pretty cool. Susie, thanks so much, Robert against the break. We are back on track here. I feel better. We are going to continue with your phone calls a number of guests. We've already had John chalte on talking about the Saban situation with basketball in Alabama. Your phone calls continue right after this. You are listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Head coach fighting. Tough guy boxing. MMA, UFC, Shane beamer in an interview said there's a few coaches that he wouldn't mind fighting. I'm not going to say a name he added. There's a few in particular that would be a priority at the top of the list. I wonder who it could be. I just think about some of the battles that Shane deemer has had in his brief head coaching career. Let's get back to the calls here. And chaplain Mack is up next. How you doing, Paul? You're doing all right. Yes, sir. That's good. That's good. You know last week some of the callers were kind of talking to you about some kind of promotion and getting on a big show and being a big analyst and all that kind of stuff. And you kind of played it down, but I saw a couple of times how good you and Charles Barkley would be together. Y'all love the same things. He sees it from us. A player perspective, you see it from just a great fan perspective and how I don't think y'all would compete. I don't think you would be so different that it would be obnoxious or like a Jerry Springer show, but I sure would like to see you and Charles together talking about some of the same things and seeing the perspective that y'all would bring out of each other. Well, Mike, thanks for saying that. I think Barclays is in a completely different league. But I will say this, I've spent a lot of time around Charles in the past. We used to play golf occasionally when he would come to town and just spending four or 5 hours with Barkley on a golf course. The times that we have done it is remains one of the, some of the most memorable times of my career. He's such a different person. He's so natural. And really a much more thoughtful person than I think he often is portrayed to be. Ryan, he's like, hazel a lot better guy than most folks know. Most folks are, they just have this persona this public persona and it's not them really, they just doing it. And it draws people to them. But he is a really nice guy. Thank you so much for what you're doing, God bless you, buddy. Thank you so much. Wonderful to hear from you as always. Let's check in with Sean in Indiana. How's it going, Paul? Sean. Thanks for taking my call. Appreciate it. Before I talk about saving I've tried to get on a couple times, you had a caller who basically said that you got them. And there's been plenty of these calls where people have said, I've been in the hospital and you got me through and. Just down on themselves or depressed and you got them through it and I just, I couldn't believe it. And I've never actually heard anybody say that about anybody like talk show before. So I just, I hope you know how great your show is and how much people really appreciate you. Thank you, Sean. I think yeah. Well deserved Paul, well deserved, you know, I try to listen to your show as often as I can. I'm from Indianapolis, but I actually traveled this out. So I'm in Birmingham and all these SEC states all the time and I listen on 94 5 a lot. So it's truly incredible what you've done. So I can only think of maybe one other person and that would be Rush Limbaugh. Somebody like that, who is a hugely popular like yourself. But I wanted to talk about Stephen and this NATO saying, I think what statement did today was truly separate himself and show why he is one of the greatest coaches in college athletics. Tony Mitchell made a mistake. And he made no bones about it. I loved what he said, you know, when there is no wrong place at the wrong time. You know, you have an opportunity to make choices and no choices

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