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Donkey of the day to Jose Canseco. Why is that? Because only a hater he's hating on Alex Rodriguez for a long time. And I think back in the day. He thought that Alex Rodriguez was smashing his wife. So that a rod with J lo. He's trying to throw salt in that relationship by bringing up that old relationship again. What is true it probably is true? What happened back in the day? What I think happened back in the day was either era really did smash his wife are who they Seko's assuming a rod smashed his wife and that assumption his haunted him since way back. Then right Eugene. So what's that man has someone tried to sabotage the relationship, bro? Oh trucks who did at the time. I was engaged a little less than a month away from being engaged from being married being married. Have you ever been married? And so this guy was mega doors. Clearly, you hate it. He went to my girl. So her than men, his wife has something going on mind, you they were they were living in the band. Oh. Climb through a window. Get his wife, I perfectly working nurse over here long story. So we're not even together she believes there's so much 'cause we was actually going through some and you extra hand in marriage just to get over this and move forward. And he believed this and where he believed that. Man. All right, brother each. Hello. Who's this? Somebody advertise relationship you're in the worst way possible. Break up. And in the process of that this girl had to my house. Wow. When girl is me and my new colleague land up early in the morning breakfast. And all of that didn't go pop up in the quiz talk about pregnant. So now, I don't believe I'm telling my little girl. You ought to believe. I don't believe it whatever the case. A year and a half. About eight months. Calling my mother. Hey and barbecue therapy, for whatever the cases. So comedic, my mom was skeptical because my mom. Facebook. For a while back down to the old. We'll see. Waking the whole Tom all she's been doing. Raqi marker all recording voice notes girl thing ever me. And my report where we almost broke up. We have to move out of the state because. Threaten house magazine. People got so much access access the relationships that was mobbed prior relationship. I don't know why I don't know how well first of all my girl likes. She walked a year all kinds of talk and she wants to separate the truth from the fake. So she was. Ever. Videos. She tried to stand all day. Oh. Those kind of draws no more. Late. Ottaway bark bark, debris. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going on no way. No way. She gave birth as a long story. But. Let the baby and. So you need a DNA test. I don't even know. I just I just. We'll pray for you. National napping day in your story made me want to go take a nap immediately. I am so sleepy is national paternity to understand what he was saying. No, don't you go sleepy. I just know that there's a baby involved, and it might or might not be you guys. Gotta listen. I know that he was walking around and boxer briefs and people who is taking all you dig about today. All you heard was erection boxer briefs. Trigger? Okay. You said math. All right. The story the story if you keep everybody on your business, you won't have these problems. All right. People can't sabotage really don't have access to have access to your goddamn relationship. People are nosy way. Yes. That's talk about an unfortunate incident that happened in New York City will tell you what artists got beat up on camera and ended up in the hospital. This is a massive jumping right? We'll get into that. When we come back is the breakfast club. Good morning the.

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