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White House is considering arguing that president trump hasn't been officially impeach because the house hasn't yet forwarded articles of impeachment to the Senate and with the speaker will be holding on to these articles of impeachment not only just delaying the Senate trial but it's also a putting a hold on her meaning who is going to be from the house of presenting its case against the president in the Senate corresponding Kristen Holmes meanwhile a vodka trump was senior adviser at the White House says her dad isn't all that bothered by his impeachment his energized as our sixty three million plus voters who elected him to office the president's daughter was on CBS news face the nation a Saudi court has sentenced by people to death for the murder of a Washington post journalist last year in Turkey Jamal because Shoghi the Taliban says it's behind an attack on American convoy today that left one US soldier dead in Afghanistan here in New York falling ice is continuing to close down several streets in midtown Manhattan and travelers in New York and New Jersey well they are taking to the skies for the holidays W. A. B. C.'s Kristin marks reports many of them have packed debating suits and flip flops and are heading to the beach while others are carrying skis Seattle Charlotte try to get to believe the jolly design one literally go Colorado get a ski trip belay expects nearly one hundred and sixteen million people to travel through new year's day a four percent increase over last year many are driving fifty miles or more with triple a warning people that the worst time to hit the road is the day after Christmas I'm Kristin marks for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news Boeing CEO Dennis Miller Burke is resigning NBC news aviation expert Tom Costello says it's not just about the problems with the seven thirty seven Max the trigger the resignation here went from bad to worse again it jumped on Friday when they try to launch the starliner spaceship worse yet failed to achieve the order to reach the space station and it had to be brought down by parachute well with a little more than a week to go stocks are set to keep advancing through the end of the year capping off a stellar twenty nineteen that's driven right now by good news from Beijing China saying it'll reduce tariffs on hundreds of goods next week including frozen pork avocados and some tech imports on Wall Street the Dow is up to hundred thirteen points the nasdaq is up thirty in the S. and P. is up five points tonight in sports is the necks of.

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