Christin Cooper, South Carolina, Donald Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Dot story this hour, Georgia plays large in its SEC opener Saturday by drubbing, South Carolina. Forty one seventeen WSB's Jay black reports from Columbia, South Carolina. About a half this game. Look to be as tight as expected. But that's not how it ended when we execute your heart. Stop at Kirby smart dogs. Don't want a twenty four point run to turn this thing into their biggest blowout win in Columbia since nineteen seventy-one. And now the even clearer front runners in the SEC quarterback Jake from you wanna come out and make a statement. We are who we kind of do we have you? Before running back allies, you're Holyfield UGA out. Russia's Carolina to seventy one fifty four next up middle Tennessee State next Saturday night in Athens here on the home of the dogs in Colombia. Jay black wwl news time, you live in a one channel two meteorologist Brad Nitz calling for partly cloudy now, fifty fifty rain chance later on if one of us most accurate and dependable forecast is straight ahead. A group of about one hundred Atlanta's joined other groups worldwide Saturday in a rally in Atlanta to combat climate change Atlanta's version of rise for climate change supported a climate change summit set for next week in San Francisco. The group gathered in Johnson park near Atlanta university center, breaking news. I this is W SP twenty four hour continuing new Donald Trump's lawyer says the president does not believe stormy Daniels. Hush money agreement is valid, but he says Mr. Trump will not carry out a threat to. Sue, the porn star for discussing her alleged affair with him. Miracles are happening says the wife of Covington police officer, Matt Cooper, he's recovering after a suspect. Shot him in the head Monday. His wife Christin Cooper tells channel two action news, she's thankful for the over four thousand people who supported officer Cooper today at the annual fuzz run. Changed since greatness because your support I'm able to. Care for my kids. Nothing. Officer Cooper is still in the hospital after that shooting incident at a WalMart. Georgia Republicans are running a new anti Abrahams campaign saying the democrat wants to turn Georgia into quote, the new California, and quote, the Atlanta Journal constitution's, Greg blue stained rights, it's wines. The gubernatorial candidate for ignoring sex trafficking and supporting an end to cash bail for minor offenses sports, south Florida. Georgia Tech forty nine thirty eight.

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