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Sales services when rated that's a team that you do not want to see on your side of the bracket on the player study the American League they're in a six six game right now with the Boston Red Sox in the ninth inning two out now there was one on the man on second thank you Linda and by the Travis rock when I produces he's just like me big fan of Frankie Lynn door great personality I hope it doesn't even go to become architect remember no yeah exactly Hey buddy we can be okay with this team for the Lenore UT on at and mentors at second base and they decided to send him to steal third and we all said boy I said look favors the brave was it turns out the call the safe but then he was out whenever the replay wall St Manal second one out why send them in that situation Carlos Santana is on deck with one out I literally said unless Frankie does something stupid Carlos is coming up to bat the Senate right god think he went on on the advice of Terry Francona I does clean on his own I don't think that was called yeah that that was not one that came in from Tito that was one that Lindores said you know what high kick whatever I I'd next one I'm going and he did it and yeah and with that done last night was a walk off you know where the red Sox tie it in and you know top of nine they were going to act as Cleveland finds a way to win it bottom not with a walk off now here we are again not six six and red Sox fans let me know don't get all Betty Crocker if your red Sox in what I'm about to say but normally there chirping I mean you can't not here a red Sox fan it's like cubs fans and I am a cubs fan and cubs fans annoyed me when were red hot right I will we we we finally won a World Series it drove me nuts I enjoyed it but all the bandwagon pubs hats you see out at bars or whatever Jody reed you can answer that question get dad hell out of here you having comes thing right red Sox fans of the exact same way so we have multiple World Series championships and use the red Sox hats or tee shirts every everywhere everywhere right now not this year so much is the summer of discontent in doing that Greg using what it use it not even talk about the patriots at their like breaking the pages season get started can we get that the Celtics already that's how bad it's been in the late one very old you know it had a parade eight months they had like caged animals they don't know what to do they they haven't had any food we haven't had any sleep or anything like that they don't know the dude with the summer of discontent that's happening in New England that game is going to exchange between the red Sox in Cleveland as we made the final in a nine thirty that game is tied at six we'll keep an eye on the games see clean looking into their winning streak and continue to winning ways they've been the best image of the baseball the last sixty games you can is on Twitter Coleman ESPN my handle IT if it's E. S. P. as in town here on Freddie effort Simmons and ESPN radio ESPN radio dot com and ESPN app saying in that city Cleveland great article written on the complex web site by Zach Freedomland titled Baker Mayfield is not changing part of the article includes a call from Baker Mayfield saying people want to see us lose because of the hype is so real he also goes on to say in terms the naysayers and what he's had to say as ruffle some feathers he doesn't care he said the Browns when nobody else is going to care he said an accordion Fitzsimmons what I've done my whole life has got me here there's obviously improvements and things I have to work on every day well how I handle myself and how I approach it that can't change end quote another reason why that brother right there is the boss in Cleveland and right now it's not even close to anybody challenging that feed them that is Baker Mayfield being in charge of things in that city I'm in the most impressive thing about Baker having got to know him hi after he became a starter Oklahoma a little bit about claiming that I know him well but I know him from discovering X. seven or eight of his awe of his games at Oklahoma man this guy learn from mistakes that's the most impressive thing about it so the Duke Johnson deal right maybe you want to be here get out this is not college action deal but I do not with because you're against us when that whole thing happened last night I I don't have a problem with that one but you don't know the number one thing you don't get involved in another player's money and he eighty easy learns from his mistakes but it is personality is always going to be we not just me but we are going to beat the hell out of whom ever comes our way he's all about the guy next to him I'll never forget one when I saw him pre game at this you after Oklahoma lost to Ohio state right at Oklahoma his junior year they go to Ohio state the plant the flag game right yeah the four drunks behind the the the Oklahoma benches harassing the hell out of him only for it well the the these four got launched at the game okay in a rapid fashion along with quarter finally but only for but he after every I will tell you the story many times if you haven't seen it go Google it it's it's priceless we've talked about it but the motivation to come from this guy it it's it's from within and anything that you give him nine he takes it inside bottles it explodes upon you before that game he sees me am I gay bait come running over he's like get ready you're about to see a show I'm going to do now your plan like the number three team in the country here yeah yeah I don't care and his attitude was get red de you're about to see a show and guess what we saw our show and that's his attitude always has been and it's not going to change when he plays more for the guide next to him they does for himself and that's gone back to any of the high school like Travis to a walk on a Texas tech punted by Kliff Kingsbury walks on and you does the wet right and also Bob stoops see go Google Baker may feel the way up and that's when Bob two I got myself a quarterback the next thing you know the rest is history and that's what Cleveland has been a quarterback he also said in that article I think that I was going to play here and that's why I can relate to the people of Cleveland queen has not had a quarterback say that in a long long time with it he was drafted by the organization what a joy that age a the team in free agency in saying that endeared himself to a bunch of people and also people clap back at him he's got back at those people with the every man in Cleveland for the every fan in Cleveland yeah they have that belief not only can we win but that guy right there Baker Mayfield is going to lead us to the promised land and you let me be the cause of the promised land but it may not be a two thousand and nineteen that's next on ESPN radio and this is Freddy of its immense.

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