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Sent to prison sentence handed down by judge Amy Berman Jackson and it actually does fall in line with the revised recommendations sent by the prosecutors now you know Amy Berman Jackson is no friend of trump not at all in fact she was vicious towards both him and Roger stone yesterday she said during the prosecution during her sentencing yesterday she said that stone was quote not prosecuted for standing up for the president he was a prosecutor for covering up for the president which on its face is a ridiculous thing to say this you know why he lied did she know how which is like so she's giving context for why he did what he did instead of just focusing in on the facts here's a here's the the thing that the reason I say is ridiculous the more of us occasion concluded and there was no conspiracy or collusion with Russia that's it that was done and and Bob Miller said as much so what precisely when Roger stone have been covering up for president trump the answer is exactly nothing Sir she's just being a wild eyed hair on fire partisan when she says that but on the issue of the actual sentencing she went with bill bars recommendation throw build our out of office judge Jackson is not trying to do bill Barney favors she doesn't she has no interest in that it's obvious from her statements in her behavior during all of this and in the end she went with the last for sentencing forty months not the nine years that was originally recommended by the first prosecutors so what's the lesson from that we should probably throw del bar out of office which you probably impeach Donald Trump for a revised sentencing recommendations that Amy Berman Jackson went along with in the end hi Sally so she did not side with the for prosecutors who resigned over this yes siding with bar she is siding with trump which I think is nothing but yet there was no headline today that said Obama federal judge sides with bill bar right exactly was that headline precisely so we are Roger stone for those who need to be reminded you know she is stone had sent this guy Randy credit co he's who is friends with over the top messages if that were the type of thing that you know people do in fantasy football it was like prepare to die he said the credit up there is not is not a physical threat it's literally like the fed is this type of stuff you sent to your brother or your body to die he writes I can't finish it causes a little longer after that but any any critical immediately went to the media with it and went on TV and internet hyping up an idea that a wise witness intimidation the media was west went crazy for it they loved it and as our buddy Chuck Ross points out then voila the special counsel and the witness tampering to its list of charges against stone and it's bad tax which in the end does gets down the block of his jail time even though critical later came back to the trial and testify at the trial he wasn't actually concerned that stone would truly harm him ready go petition the court about the sentence and said look I never actually felt threatened by Roger stone service trucks as we have a bunch of media nerds in a bunch of legal nerds clutching pearls over a text exchange between two guys who talk a lot of trash to each other and that translates into additional present time for Roger stone that's where we are and the president has come out and said that it Roger stone is a character he is we use you know he has that Nixon tap to a lot of interesting things about this guide now what I found fascinating politico reported that says what happened when he emerged from the court room and got into his vehicle to leave it wasn't a car that they had brought their no they used a ride sharing service and the driver appeared very baffled by this form of TV cameras your honor I just had no idea who is picking up do you think like his his user profiles has Roger stone it does I'm sure of it and he got he thinks this guy up imagine driving that over and then all of a sudden you're in the middle of like a crowd of paparazzi like you the cameras everywhere in your your passengers there does that lower your rated like does the driver rate you lower because there was a swarm of TV cameras or does that up the rating I'm for I'm for living life in an interesting way if that happens in may and I was the writer driver I would figure out a way to give him six stars absolutely yeah that was and then you know a drop them off the palm they went right to the palm for lunch there was he's never backed away from who he is no not at all here's our drive time for the president alright here is the president yesterday on on the subject after the sentencing so before we go any further I want to address today sentencing of a man Roger stone Roger stone these become part of the news over the last little while and I'm following this very closely and I want to see it play out to its fullest because Roger is a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion I've known you people understand it probably better than anybody in the room I've known Roger stone and his wife who's really terrific woman for a long time and Rogers definitely character everybody sort of knows right here everybody knows it and most people like some people probably done but I do and I always have he's a smart guy he's a little different well different but those are sometimes the most interesting but he's a good person his family is fantastic he's got a fantastic family and there's always a reason for that is in there yeah he's a bizarre figure he's a rascal that's for sure but right now we away whether or not Donald Trump will pardon him at the moment he says everyone take a breath and let this all play out six fifty three on WMAL.

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