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He replaced. Anthony Kennedy in yesterday's vote. We saw chief Justice John Roberts side with the more liberal justices in putting a temporary hold on the Louisiana law. Does that mean that chief Justice Roberts is the new Anthony Kennedy, or is it impossible to read the tea leaves in that way from this one action? I think it's it's a little bit early to declare John Roberts the new Anthony Kennedy, but even before yesterday's decision. Everybody widely expected him to be the new swing vote on abortion. One of the interesting things. I think is that chief Justice Roberts may have different concerns. Motivating him to sort of sit in the middle on abortion in part their concerns about the supreme court's legitimacy and reputation. There's no reason to think that chief Justice Roberts is particularly sympathetic to abortion up. And rights so. claims on the merits that said he may We have a concern about we the we way, we the court I am approaches I'm here abortion voluntarily. rights cases, especially We have agreed if to it five looks minute as rounds. if the court has made a sharp swing to the right when So it has that a had majority of for nominees witness to tell who the chairman are both that Republican. his time is upright. But also who No seem. democrats. Committed Look back or at at the least witness predicted in shock, to overturn Jerry, Roe versus Nadler Wade. seemed to find That's the whole professor thing funny Mary Ziglar once he had of a Florida moment State to process University what was college happening. of law. Thank The you judiciary for joining us. committee Thanks has for a having lot me of power this week over has the Justice people across department. the So country this looking could be back a real at their who's yearbooks. sorry now moment That's because for forward. junior has So been that was rocked the reaction by from political Democrats, scandal whatever. involving Republican lawmakers an old have yearbook to say today. photo Well, and black Doug face Collins, both the top the state's Republican governor on the committee and attorney says the general Democrats have admitted were engaged to wearing in character. black face Assassination decades ago. of Matt Florida's Whitaker. secretary At the start of state of the day recently Collins advise resigned people for to get posing out there popcorn as an African American and get Katrina ready for the political victim theater. and There this was week the something fashion house wrong. Gucci No. pulled But a sweater on a more that serious looked note, black face. several NPR's Republicans Debbie Elliott pointed has out this how look much at the the history Justice department and prominence does that involves of black people's face in lives American culture immigration healthcare, at the Virginia opioid capital overdoses, this week civil Fredericksburg rights and those businessman. topics got Kevin short Williams shrift struggled today with so to much understand focus why on anyone the Russia investigation. would black in Of course, their face. some Republicans Who is also that funny used their too? time It's to ask just about it's Hillary. not funny. There's Clinton nothing Donald funny Trump's about opponent black in face two thousand sixteen Williams is and African about the president's American claims and of is wrongdoing lost fate by the than FBI the elected in two thousand officials sixteen. caught So up as we in the said scandal by this time next is. week, Unnerving there may be somebody to me new that in there charge are of people the Justice department. still Looking today ahead. What that do think you see? that that's okay? Yeah. And Bill it's just bar it's just is not likely at to be the confirmed American. by the Senate Civil next war week. museum He has a lot in of Richmond experience Justice CEO served Christie. as a AG Coleman in the says nineteen there's ninety a s lack it's of understanding not clear what about Matt black Whitaker face. is going to They do are next. literally Maybe watching a job at the department black of homeland people security. in their moments I'm hearing of there levity are a and lot privacy. of openings in the Trump It's being administration invaded. right now. So he may And have then hits pick. co-opted and That's distorted NPR national Justice. there's Correspondent violence Carrie Johnson. to Thank that you carry. My black pleasure. face has been around Okay. since It is the Friday eighteen Hallelujah. thirties, And I that means showing it is up time in for minstrel our regular shows week where in white politics actors discussion would perform today, as we're going to black look back at characters. the week. That was an It's also really the look first ahead truly to next American week and to theater. do this. I am joined by Historian, the New Yorker, Greg Susan Campbell Glasser at the library and by Margaret of Virginia Hoover, says host it of was an early firing line form on of PBS. popular Welcome entertainment you to take so and much. largely Thank you. in northern So and the big midwestern ticket event cities, this week. Of course was I the grew state up of in the a union small town on in New Tuesday. Hampshire Monday And cleaned I'll start out. with My you great Susan aunt's because house. you wrote. There was a miserable program. Our town had no black people in it. So this was not like a southern thing. It was an. American thing. An American thing that used exaggerated stereotypes of black. People says Dewan, Delaine Reese, she's curator of music and performing arts at the national museum of African American history and culture in Washington DC, they're lazy. They're unintelligent. They're prone to thievery crooks by the turn of the century, the racist caricatures were popularized in vaudeville, and eventually radio TV and film. Here's a record from nineteen twenty eight you rob John Smith's henhouse. All no, rob Noah, and I know I was home that night. What night the night I robbed a ham. Al that's a recording from New York of a comedy act called the two black crows the white actors where black face floppy, hats and have big white lips recess. A roster of these kinds of recurring characters developed the mammy figure. There's also the figure Jim.

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