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But we love to profile businesses and civic places large and small all around the United States of America. We're so proud this hour to take you to a place called bartlesville Oklahoma where they have got boy some really great things coming up in their missed the bartlesville community center and Val Kalugin is managing director of the center and just an amazing Broadway shows coming up some local features, and there's really a lot to talk about. And there's nothing like the support of the community and having those those real rich textured events that represents the people in town like this and Val. I'm just interested in hearing all about it. And how you doing welcome to America trends. Thanks, amy. Great to be with you today. He was well how long have you been with my saying right bartlesville bartlesville community center. Yeah. More and Oklahoma. Yes. Ville oklahoma. And I've been at the center for about eleven years, so aptly love it. You know? I'm from a small town in Ohio, and we had a theater like this community theater. Brought vents brought people in and then things that we produced on our own, and it is a very rich part of the community. So I love that. We're profiling this and you've come on to tell us what's going on. And I know you've got some big Broadway shows coming on you've got a choral society, the civic valet the orchestra, and I'm just eager to hear. What is coming down the pike. And I know that on the twentieth this weekend, you've got a big show. Right, right. We got the national train show of finding never land. And that's going to be this fright or this Saturday, April the twentieth, and it is in our Broadway series. A lot of people even bartlesville don't know that these are national touring shows like you would see right off Broadway or in a big city where they sit down for a few weeks in religious lucky enough to get them for one night. So we're super excited. Right. The way it works. This is Broadway equity, meaning so the show launches. On Broadway, usually and it goes for about a year. And then they say this is doing well, or we may end on probably going gonna take a touring show out and finding Neverland is the touring show these equity actors, sometimes they do hire local people local actors and orchestra and it's going to be in there in Oklahoma and your town for one night on the twentieth. So people should are you filled out yet. Because I would imagine you're almost are just one night that right? Yeah. We have a few seats left. So people are still interested in buying tickets or they have family in for the holiday weekend. We'd be happy to accommodate them. So yeah, we've got seventeen hundred seats in our building which is just about her for a show and everybody has a great seat. So we're really fortunate. It is a treasure when you get to have a Broadway show, come to your community. I also love that you do other things that you have the York finding Neverland. Now is this the one just have to do with Robin Hood. I'm trying to remember. So actually, this is the prequel to Peter. Pam Peter Pan. So and right gives the whole back story of how Peter Pan became Peter Pan. So little bit of love story little bit of lots of kid involvement. And then you get of course, the pirates and the pixies so it'll be fun for everyone, and it was on Broadway. I don't know if it was just under a year over year. But now, it's touring. So that's that's the it's that caliber, and then you have another Broadway equity series coming through soon. Don't you? Though, we have something rotten is coming up on may the fifth and that's going to be our season. Finale. We typically do five shows in her Broadway series each year and folks can either by season package and save a little bit or they can buy an individual ticket to see, you know, just the shows they wanna pick and choose but something rotten. It's hilarious. Did very well on Broadway done well across the country on the national tour, and it just depicts kind of Shakespeare's style drama with kind of food on a lot of musical Sochi love Broadway. This shows for you because you couldn't you can see little tidbits of every other show, and they kind of make fun of it. So they'll be super fun. I didn't get to see something rotten. But I did hear that is. So like, you say any Broadway fan, the knows a little bit about the structure and themes of certain physical. They do spoof it, and they just say, it's hilarious and not just bartlesville Oklahoma. But these these shows are touring all around the country. So just keep an eye out for when they do come. And that's that's the Broadway series and equity actors coming from broad from New York and from other areas where they hire out, and they hire in New York, and it starts in New York they tour around, but you also the community endeavor there the commitment. To that is so major orchestra and the coral can you tell me a little bit about that? Because that's so much presenting the local talent, which is so important. And and so there is a very talented group. There were super lucky we have a numerous amount of presenting arts groups that that used the bars community center, and we have a resident symphony called bartlesville Symphony Orchestra and their finale is coming up on the fourth of may they're bringing in jeans and classics which are going to do an eighties style show. They're so fun. They've been here before they've done some other tribute style music and their they play right alongside with our local orchestra. So that's really fun. We just got through with co Palio with the bartlesville civic ballet. And so a lot of seasons are wrapping up right now. But then we also have two summer seasons that are that are really fun. So we just have really diverse culture in bartlesville and town of thirty six thousand we'd feel really fortunate for six so what's coming up for the summer Val? So we have the okays music festival, which is June the eight through the fourteenth, and what they do is they bring in an act every night, we thought people like Phil Vassar, and the toll Symphony Orchestra and Brent Giddens band and Dallas brass is coming for their kind of their finale concert that they're going to do outdoors at the wool rock museum and wildlife sanctuary. And that's a whole week long. Just full of music and fun and also have some local and free events that people can come to during the day. So they can they can pick and choose what they wanna do that can do something all day long and in the evening, and the whole city is really behind this festival. Just to make people feel welcome. And for local people to enjoy some some really good music so special it's stuff that will never forget talking about Kalugin of artists community center that is bartlesville community center dot com. You can go there and see some of these equity productions touring around or their local talent, which they've got so much practice so much and are getting ready to do these these major events for you. And the other thing too is it's you know, these are great things, and we encourage everyone to do the evolved in community theater and symphony and chorus and ballet in their town. But there's something very special where you are. Because you've got this amazing architecture of your building where these are housed. Oh my goodness. Amy. I was hoping you were going to ask me about that. Because we're so lucky we have to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired buildings in bartlesville, and we share the same city block. So Frank Lloyd Wright designed the price tower, which is now. Now price tower arts center, and just super super awesome place. If you wanna see architecture and also visual art in the bartlesville community center was built him probably fifty years later, but by William Wesley Peters who was Frank Lloyd Wright's protege, and he is from Talia west and just has that whole flare. So we're super excited. I really love it New York and just like your town to go.

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