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Biggest stories on the south coast. From the WBZ newsroom. Here's Jim Phillips. This is WBZ news. Eight degrees and overpass New Bedford police arrest seven suspects Wednesday hoping to reduce street level drug sales in the city. One of the suspects was arrested twice during the day. Fifty one year old manual Pino was arrested just before two pm on Crepeau straight that around five thirty on pleasant street suspects face charges of possession of a class A drug federal and conspiracy to violate drug laws. The arrest occurred on Crepeau street, pleasant street county, Ruth and cove streets, a old Attleboro man pleads guilty this week to drunk driving charges and incentives to three and a half years in prison district. Attorney Thomas Quinn says Gordon Davis pleaded guilty to indictments charging him with operating under the influence fourth offense negligent operation of a motor vehicle and leaving the scene of property damage and. Salt. Police say a vehicle operated by Davis sideswiped, another vehicle and moved one ninety five and Somerset in November two thousand seventeen witnesses said he left the scene swerving across the across traffic and rapidly changing speeds say troopers eventually stopped as vehicle in Fall River placed him under arrest. DEA quinn. Call Davis a danger to the community needs to be kept off the streets. Voters in new Bedford's far north end maybe out of a polling location with the closure of an area nursing home Bedford gardens not only one of the five nursing home set to close due ongoing operational issues. It's also the polling place, but voters in precinct one d the facility is set to close soon election commission. Manny Brito tells WBZ SM's Phil Talia logos. That his department is already looking for a new location, but it has to meet certain criteria. There's a whole list of things from being handicap accessible to having parking and blog enough location. And they have to want us there as well. Bredow says the plan will be sitting down soon with ward one cow slow Brad market to narrow down possible voting locations. He said he welcomes suggestions from residents as well and unionized stop and shop supermarket workers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island ratified a new contract that came out of that eleven day strike at New England's biggest grocery chain, the Red Sox visits Chicago to take on the White Sox tonight. WB SM's coverage starts at seven ten would the pre-game show. Now, the ABC six forecast for the cloud cover, some fog drizzle. A few spotty showers not tremendous amount of rain, but still kind of dreary, mid forties. Tomorrow,.

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