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Exactly no you know how many people would go up and spank a police officer on a motorcycle none because a motorcycle is sweet you wear a leather jacket here said something that's not intimidating newsflash like day they see a horse they're like hey would it be hilarious right is key to the other thing too is i feel like it the chargers see and if he said when he slapped it but if it's just a good nature slap it's like pending a dog it's like when i see a horse i wanna give it all slap their guy but but again i think it right it just shows like how the the pointlessness of put using a two thousand pound animal to walk the streets of an urban city lying we don't leave in the old west anymore there is no purpose that police forces serve anymore india that like superfluous superfluous lee putting a life in danger blake you're you're you're motorcycle your car could die but it's not really living do you understand race bootleg like a wars is like a living you'd pudding it in harm's way when you don't have to right yeah like if it's in a dangerous situation and there's gunfire i'm going to pick the bike to keep functioning over the horse i can see though i could see like central park rangers or like a radio park patrol use it because they need to go over to rein in jump out of the river and round the national park plug their staff are already been central park i mean not downtown were walking around the street with crowds and mobs and stuff it's going to get spooked now the up higher angle does make their does make sense because you're like six feet high on that thing that that does work a little bit forming vitamin that i feel like we could work out with one of those huge bicycles segue processors altered officers on look out with binoculars and then you have you have like the ones on the ground on the little bikes in on the segues i bid to like universal a before and they're doing like though they have guys theme park at night when it goes to like the more grownup touch they got dudes walk around and beetlejuice customs that are on still saw night.

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