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Mahoney. This is 90.3 K a U A new wildfire that popped up in Carmel Valley this afternoon about 3.5 miles southeast of Carmel Valley Village is now 250 acres. Mandatory of actions are evacuations are underway. The Carmel Valley Library, located on West Carmel Valley Road has opened as an evacuation center. On a Tuesday. It's all things considered from NPR News. I'm Mary Louise Kelly in Washington and I'm Leila Folded in Los Angeles today brought a sudden reversal in the story of the male and the vote. Postmaster General Lewis to Joy announced that he's suspending his controversial cost cutting plans at the U. S Postal Service. The move comes amid bipartisan pressure and reports of slowdowns in mail delivery around the country. Those delays were particularly alarming for election officials, who are expecting an unprecedented number of Americans to cast votes by mail this year due to the pandemic. We're joined now by NPR's miles parks, her cover's voting issues. Hi, miles. Hi there, so first off, what exactly did the postmaster announced today? So if you remember D Joy came to the Postal Service earlier this summer in May after leading a private logistics company for more than 30 years, and he had promised this sort of organizational realignment aimed it saving money. Some of those changes had gone into effect already had already started, some major, fairly major mailed always across the country. But he essentially said today that that transformation he's planning is now on hold until after November's presidential election to avoid even the appearance of any impact on election male, he said in the statement. I am suspending these initiatives until after the election is concluded. Over the past few weeks we've heard from postal workers and others who've said the's changes made it impossible to deliver mail on time. Does today's announcement mean that service will get better? It's still a little unclear, He says sorting machines will not be removed in overtime will be approved quote as needed. But a number of watchdog groups have already released statements saying they aren't satisfied. Because a lot of these policies that Detroit implemented when he first got on board, we're not super transparent from the beginning. It's still hard to know exactly what today's announcement means. It's not clear whether the sorting machines that were already removed, for instance, are going to be returned or whether just no more sorting machines are going to be removed. Here's former deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman. Talking about today's statement. Raises war questions, Then it provides answers, and it will be important in coming days to see if we could get clarity with regard Teo to those questions. Lawmakers will get a chance to get some of those answers on Friday and Monday when the joyous scheduled for congressional hearings Now this is a pretty dramatic reversal. What sort of political pressure were the joy and the Trump Administration under It was really extraordinary. How quickly lawmakers and the public took hold of this issue. You know, it's fairly walkie to be talking about the USPS just a couple months before a presidential election, But it points what we've seen in public opinion polls that the USPS is the federal government entity that people generally like the most. The entire Democratic Party was galvanised by this, with some lawmakers like Senator Bernie Sanders, even calling for the joy to resign. A number of Republicans asked him to reverse the changes. Too many of them represent rural parts of the country where even if people are skeptical of voting by mail because of what President Trump has said they still might be more dependent than urban voters on the mail for things like prescriptions. So more than half of voters were expected to cast ballots by mail this fall. How nervous should they be about returning their ballots via the Postal Service? Joyce specifically said in the statement that the Postal Service is ready to handle whatever volume of election mail received this fall. And that's obviously a very different message from what President Trump has said where he's basically said the USPS is not equipped. Do that. The biggest message coming from election officials and experts is that voters should not be scared. They just need to be early with your request to with mailing it back. Don't wait until the last minute on any of this stuff. That's what Canetti you into trouble is waiting up until the deadline. You need to just get that about in the mail and give the post office timeto work. That's NPR's Miles. Parks. Thank you. Thank you. In North Carolina. They tried the state's flagship school, UNC Chapel Hill, began the school year with in person classes. Then came Cove in 19 outbreaks in three dorms and a frat house in the first week. Yesterday, the university abandoned plans to have students on campus starting tomorrow. Classes will move online. Let's hear directly from Chapel Hill. Where Mimi Chapman is chair of the faculty and joins us now, Professor Chapman. Welcome. Thanks for having me how disappointed as everybody in Chapel Hill. Well, it's a heartbreaking situation. This's not where we wanted to be. We were very hopeful that a plan could work. Although You certainly as the summer wore on, and we weren't seeing the kinds of decreases in the virus around country that we had hoped. Ah, tensions and anxieties ramped up. Even as the campus was opening walk me through. How this last week has unfolded at the first sign of trouble was word of clusters into residence halls. Yes, that's correct. I think you know, certainly is faculty. We began hearing about this on Friday. I began hearing about it on Friday morning. I think it was on probably on Thursday Thursday night as I understand it that all of the contact tracing and that sort of thing was going on. So ascertaining exactly where these clusters were and who who needed to be. Tested in isolated and that sort of thing there. You surprised it unraveled so quickly. Um I guess. You know, I'm really sad that it unraveled so quickly. I There were an awful lot of students. If you walk around our campus, there were so many students that were doing a good job of wearing masks and doing what they needed to do from what I could see. It is also clear and we heard this from the earliest days that there were a lot of off campus activities, some of them related to the Greek system that were flying in the face of all recommendations. And so is distancing masks. That type thing. Exactly. Yeah, so, and those were big parties, and they were hosting first year students and students that lived on campus. And so at least as I understand it, the current thinking is that that is how it got back into the dorms. I was struck by a headline in the student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel. They had an editorial yesterday with the headline. UNC has a disaster on its hands. Except they used a considerably more profane word that I can't say on air than disaster. Right? I saw that. Ah, from where you're sent it from the faculty perspective. Did they get it right? A room. I think it is just I think it's more complicated than that. I mean, I I certainly understand the outrage and the anger and yes, there are many faculty members that Share that outrage and anger, but it is a complicated calculus and I don't know..

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