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That show a time for on it yesterday they marked me they got me good so they they called me this we have a we have a question todd's dealer todd frazier which ones better allison but one of the fab was produced yeah show gal so i gave my answer and they great cody be mike meaning okay fine you guys got me very funny now they call back later 'cause i said i have a thought they had a great debate that was raging between still got some dan about because the warriors that they wore sandals could they still win the nba championship so they called me back i think it was it actually an who question so i started debating again they cut me out even set has got so is this and i know what you guys are doing i get the show i i know this right eventually they had me on the talking to harvey weinstein they did to me again so i hope you're proud of yourself the hard net virk out is going to be a staple dow guys yes the hard network out yes that is by its greg guard is going to be jealous you know that identity greg cody claims they hey what we get an ard network out but now he's going to be jealous because you're going into his domain here so it's gonna be interesting to see the reaction of one greg because coding clay i also like the attention of all it's on himself has announced giving an interesting to see what happens here on tuesday well that's been my question you 'cause i i listen and i i text through almost every time they get cody almost wonder of coded ours does it our purpose because he likes it because yes oh my god there's one dollars an hour i mean code he's been in this is this a little while add that i can't believe you're got nailed three hines with this i mean how do you not know at some point wake up on this so i think cody is sandbagging to do it on purpose for the attention mike i promise you we wish it was sandbag when she was doing on purpose we all we don't want them to be that bad we don't wasn't that sloppy i am telling you we he's doing a show with us for five years he has no idea that thing is coming every single tuesday.

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