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Little profit let him put it up go up and just try to just grab it at the top don't swipe down which reggaeton five and said that's a good job young fella me he is the elder out there on the team trees got who does a only makes about fifty percent of his free throws he has to coming here both getting set to check back into the game first follow shot a knuckle ball but it went in a lot of this place got is I mean you can hear guy opened a cheeseburger in Manhattan premiere it was so quiet Manhattan Kansas New York let's go with this go Kansas second free throw for does say and the side spinner is good so where two for two for the line for mourners who does a Cincinnati up by three fifty four fifty one Brandon screaming out instructions over this walk is Karen couple of driving along the lane Johnson passes topic he for Adams was shot pocket twelve mica running back somehow put it in left handed New York style Syracuse in the building Cincinnati on top fifty six fifty one without a twelve twenty to go sure field way outside the arc left makes right dribbles laugh passes for two days a who slept got it back to Sheffield crossover dribble drives toward the basket now throws it outside the arc for dexter Dennis he penetrates tough shot missed the ram we're gonna fall in Wichita state pushing going after an offensive rebound it's out who does a he he he.

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