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I all the watch. The ways the wise not decision on sexist sore in for policy women raiding one. Another the logic behind that decision. And where's the man alaskan get manservant and carry on the game. So i'm not sure that's to do with men. Football's move reports. I think access to men and women just in general. That's fascinating women sort of stand there and say well. Why why do they want. The whole debrief don't stand there and see it and the the kind of want to know that the one of the law and the rationale behind and that's one of one of our jobs is to make decisions obviously clears why by do you find that the funds i mean. How many times have you done this now. With the madness guy was twice. Refunds twice refunds. Yeah because it's been a funny all time. How has it been with fans because obviously the refs not that popular a lot of the time anyway. Yes i've compared with. Funds cannot noisy out. Favor seems pleased we was without adrenaline. You will out to to noyce or yeah definitely prefer it. Because last season your plan watches in silence. And that's not. How much should be do you. Do you feel that. This is the beginning. Then for are seeing women officiate. Man's much as the norm are we. How close are we to that. Becoming more of the norm. I mean are there. Many women coming up behind jay. Yeah we've got a lot of really good Yoga gills criminal and in the men's gave who officiate week in week out now to me. I would see it is all because i'm involved in this industry. I say every week but i think you'll yet. There was a victorian played at me to hurricane opal one to three years time. It will just be the norm on. Nobody will even mentioned. We'll say we'll see if we get that. I know sean see alice. The first woman to become a professional match officials. It was a big inspiration for you. In what i didn't know sean before got obviously everybody knew. She was and the shawn's because of my team on the women's game so great to be involved with gregg invokes all against raiding a lot of a lot of the girls who operate the top level half children and take me off to them because what does make an obstacle after myself on games. Lot because like sean. Notley alan lisa have children and they have to organize. The kids lives around around the world in and being aware into them to believable will come as you say coming up behind very strict in real life as well. Let's just say that first person that you were you made that bet with After that joke with that they must be looking at you now in an interesting way always. I always mention it. Because they don't think koby also offer. A grid of the friendship still continues. I'll just thought wanted narrative lovely. So it's rebecca thanks for joining us and again rebecca welch many messages about greenham coming in joel says the green and women's camp change a lot of attitudes about a lot of things and pave the way for all sorts of stuff that has helped empower us and another one. Here i was on so many of the green and marches in the eighteen. Amazing memories of the women who've able to live there all those years and a couple of the message masters about hippies to not so complimentary ways but that is it..

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