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93.1 kfbk. Mhm, 6 48 kpk traffic and weather together right now, so over to the traffic center, and Dana has brought by rallies and Baylor and brought to you right now, with nine minutes showing a dent at a split eastbound camp city, so it's getting better and better. Still not perfect. Eight minutes to Roseville, though that's good on eastbound 80. If you're going to hell, Grove South 25 11 minutes. That's the best you can hope for, which is basically as best you can get 10 minutes downtown L Groban 99 also cleaned up, but you still have the The accident further on At Dillard Road that's causing a bit of a backup going to fall. Some 18 minutes on eastbound 50 and also, uh, 50th Camino Heights wires hate See this vehicle on fire at a gas station? Uh, yeah, he's found 50. Camino Heights and Fire Department unit is on the way. If you're going to Woodland north on I 5 16 minutes a 10 minute ride gets you downtown to Davis Westbound Etienne Base Boulevard. And Israelis and Bel Air get release. USDA Choice California based boneless London Broil from Harris Ranch for 3 £97 Get a pint of blueberries or a pound of strawberries for 2 77 each when you buy two or more traffic on the tens, every 10 Minutes mornings and afternoons from the Bonnie leading the Way Home Traffic Centre. Dana has news 93.1 kpk. Thanks, Dana. Now you're OK. If you can forecast red flag warning east of Sacramento through late this evening will see mainly clear skies for tonight. Expect a nighttime low of 56 to 60, mostly sunny skies for tomorrow and Sunday tomorrow will reach a high of 88.

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