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Walk Neville, six twenty eight of the sleeper in the bust. It is Sunday January thirteenth. I'm euros Paul spor. And I am joined by a star studded cast, I've got just in Mason, Jason Kellett and joining us again, I think the fourth or fifth time I'd be the fifth time on the show. And I I know that I think you guys did one the three it's Ian on. Jason, justin. How's it going is? Grand great to be on with you guys. Again. It is fantastic tax liens on. The Cowboys are out of the playoffs. I mean life is really good right now. I was just about to say that Redskins sweatshirt today. I know of Justin in Jason's share their their Washington fandom. So they love seeing the Cowboys flop. I hate the Cowboys in living in Texas makes it even sweeter, and I did feel that people were kind of sleeping on the Rams a little bit 'cause they stumbled into the playoffs. So we're not gonna go too much on football. But it is sorry Cowboys fans, but suck it not sorry at all. Really? I cannot stand the Cowboys, and it's mostly due to their fans here in Texas. So if you live in Texas, you you understand, but we've got a star-studded Kasmin got plenty to talk about we got some transactions that are going on. We've also got a really interesting topic on utility only players kind of how how you can feel about taking them and the flexibility of other players making those guys more. Valuables. That's going to be a really fascinating discussion. But let's art with the most recent news. This one was a shocker to me because this gentleman is not going to have a starting spot off the top it looks like he's going to be a bit of a utility, man. DJ LeMay who heads out to the Yankees? And obviously with two low signed. I did not think it really did anything for the Machado sweepstakes. I think this is a much higher impact digital may is going to go the Yankees, he doesn't like I said doesn't really is going to be a starter with. With glacier over at second. Or too short and labor at second. Then you can kind of bounce around. Plus, we know to lows health could make it. So that you is starting in five minutes at second and glared goes back open a short. But Jason let me start with you. When you saw this move. What were your initial thoughts on LeMay, Hugh as gangqi weird thing is with the Yankees is their revenue keeps going up and their salaries keep going down. And yeah, if I'm the achey fan in I see it on Twitter from other people, but I see a frustrating. It's like, okay. Look we were paying for fifty one point three percent of that crappy stadium. And you guys are are taking the payroll down in pocketing more of the revenue IBM set. For for LeMay Huma a couple things that really stick out is when you think of opposite field hitters now that Joe hours retired will make you comes to mind except for last year. He was I guess he saw hey, dude. I'm going to be a free agent. I should start pulling the ball. That's what I'm going to do. So he started pulling the ball pulled the ball at a high high career rate bustles struck out more than the ever had and batting average took a taint down. But you know, for me, it's is I already seen some people say, oh, the Mayhew opposite veal hitter. Could take advantage Yankee Stadium? This won't be a problem, but not his exit has exit velocity overall high is averaging velocity is high overall. But it's especially high when he pulls it when he goes up was a field. It's it's the bottom fortieth percentile, so not buying this my mind is sticking stadium. He can hit opposite field. He's gotta be one or two guys. He's either got to get back to spray the ball around and trying to beat the shift and driving his batting average up or getting to pull. Because his home road splits last year's been a Bisbal and that he's gotta pick. He's got pick a profile and stick with it here. Plus, I'm curious on you know, how much of the oppo movement there when when he is when he is going to the other side is.

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