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Rees mayor Cranley says in his letter to city council Hamilton County and hill top concrete that sunshine makes better public policy than secrecy and that's why Cranley wants to know how much public money will be spent to purchase hilltops existing site near Paul Brown stadium Maher Cranley says a music venue at the banks can be a accommodated without moving hilltop he says the city should not commit to spend any money or transfer any land until all the facts around the table and he wants answers to several questions before hilltop is expected to present its plans on September third to put operations in queen's gate I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLWD prison employee in Madison County west of Columbus accused of having a hit list of co workers he would end up shooting twenty one year old she stops the Springfield was a mail room screening clerk at the Madison correctional facility in London he is now jailed accused of telling other employees quote that there was a list of other employees that he would shoot end quote police said they also found a loaded gun in his car Nevada issuing an emergency declaration as a U. F. both fans prepare to storm area fifty one A. B. C.'s will read has more Nevada officials are bracing for an invasion at area fifty one by humans the military base eighty miles from Las Vegas has become infamous for conspiracy theories about little green men home to.

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