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Started getting weird. They would try and piece of clothes off as a souvenir. They would try to snip her curls and even her eyelashes. That is they want. Oh my God owner been scary. Eventually Loretta booked all over the country and she really started enjoying it in was finding it a lot easier to be on stage. About her women fans, she said, I tried aiming my show more at the women even though some of them got the wrong idea, one time I was playing this club in Baltimore and this woman comes up to me in says, so you're the woman that's in my husband's life. That's all I hear before I go to bed when I wake up in the morning, Loretta Lynn and I'm GonNa, break, your neck, I sent. Woman, I don't even know your husband. But if you touch me I'm tired of you before I got the chance bound through through out of the club. My. Most of the women liked me though they could see I was. A mother and a wife and a daughter who had feelings just like other women. Sure. I want to mend like me but the women were something special. They'd come around the bus after the show when they'd asked to talk to. They felt I had the answers to their problems because my life was just like there's whom. Yeah. She's a woman's woman. is. First album was number one in nineteen, hundred, sixty, three, and in nineteen, sixty four. She was named top female vocalist. She was at the Grand Ole opry for seventeen straight shows, which was a record for anyone who wasn't a member, and then finally they asked you to join. Yeah. That'll do it. Yeah. So Loretta, Kitty Wells sing songs from the woman's perspective because country music from the men's perspective was all truck driving easy women and cheating. She remembered how Kitty Sang the woman's side of the story and wanted to hear songs more like that, and she says, you know it certainly helped that kitty wells and patsy Kline can before her and they kind of like led the charge Loretta. Also just talking about music that she really liked. She really loves Ray Charles. She said that country music owes a locked to him preparing fans, Johnny cash and Merle, Haggard Charley Pride. The first black country star is one of his all time favorites as well, and so she says that she's his biggest fan. So the song don't come home and drink in the one we mentioned earlier got to be number one. In the nation was also the first album ever made by a woman singer that a million dollars. She says, she didn't want any outside influences changing her music, and so she really didn't listen to Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan, or the Beatles, she kind of stayed in her own little bubble. One of her personal highlights is when Ernest Tubb chose her to sing with him on an album of duets and so when she's with him, she feels like that little girl huddled on the floor in front of the Pico Radio on Saturday night. Now, before she knew it, they were making more money than they'd ever dreamed of she went from twenty five dollars a show to fifty to a hundred and above. She still did her own canning and put food away from the winter. She said, you never know when the show business is to go for fluey. He says, once you've been poor, you always feel in the back of your mind, you're going to be poor again. Started paying off, do gave up his job as mechanic to take more interest in the business, and they found a forty five Acre ranch and rented a little house in Madison, Tennessee. In late nineteen, sixty three already discovered that she was. A pregnant again. Loretto. He. Yeah. With wins by the way. With, Loretta, was worried that her career would be interrupted. You know things moved on, she named them, Patsy and Peggy. She said that they were a godsend. It was like a whole second life for her and do happened because they had them when they had the money and time to devote to them. She was on the road a lot and they were adult the. Loretta and new little were adults at this time to call. Yes. Yeah. So they got to spend more time with them. They were identical twins and Loretta. Couldn't always tell them apart especially when she just come home up the road. She. Begged Hey, twin and they don't call. Me By my name. So, reticence that they were never really part of Nashville social scene and that forty five acres ended up not being enough for them, and they kind of got lost once on a drive and found a beautiful one, thousand, four, hundred, and fifty Acre property with an old house built on a hill or the whole town, and it had like white columns in the front. It was in such bad shape though that when Loretta was on the road, do actually thought, he'd set the whole thing on fire. He had tears in his eyes because it was probably best to just rebuild, but he knew how much Loretto loved the House. So he fixed it up for them. So threaded. Didn't know this again because she. was educated in some ways and not in some ways, but she didn't know that it had originally been a plantation house, and if you look at pictures of it, you see it immediately with the white columns, the way that it's built. She talked about seances that they've had there because it was a salute. There was a civil war battle fought there on the grounds that they're actually enslaved people buried in the property and when she found that out, it made her really sad. since they ended up buying. So much of the land, it's kind of like the ended up buying the whole town. So do fix stop picks it up into a real working ranch and it's worth a lot. Now, you can see it and take a tour. You can go and Youtube, people have taken tourism it and made whole videos of it so just. Just you know search hurricane mills and it definitely has graceland vibes. Cool. I'll look it up. That's where the recreation of the butcher Holler home is as well, and it says, you know it portrays the legacy of the rags to riches, coal miner's daughter Yeah. I just looked it up, and like you said, yeah, you can really tell it's beautiful but Yeah you can tell her. Old Plantation Home in the House Loretta explains on the wall going up the winding stairway. We've got all forty five of my albums framed in the order that I did them. This is nineteen seventy five that wrote this and there's forty five then more now, there's some one I didn't use any makeup before. Do finally. Let me. You can see me changing album after album. It's really kind of weird to see I've got all kinds of souvenirs around the house. A bed Hank Williams zoned the cowboy hat tex ritter used to wear my second rhythm guitar, some personal.

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