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What has to do those little things like that? Seriously. In today's game, they can still be physical from the perspective of that, but they would have to add a skill set more so people are highly intelligent players though, okay? They just didn't have the ball in their hands like draymond up. But in order to in order to really excel in this league, you have to have some kind of skill set in order that benefits the team outside of rebounding the basketball. Always great to talk to you. All right, Zayn's real. Janeville Ohio. Have you been to zanesville, Ohio? Yeah, how about this then? My senior year in high school, regional semifinals in Columbus, who play Zayn's real high school. And well, you know what happened? You torched him. Yeah, we won. Did you see the statue of me in zanesville? 'cause then I took it down for other reasons. Well, they are, they are taking down statues, so. Thank you, Jim. Safe travels. Thanks, brother. Jim Jackson. I was born in zanesville, Ohio. Wasn't really raised there. You moved a few times as young. Yeah, I did, yeah. So if someone says, Dan Patrick is from blank Ohio. Mason, Ohio. Okay. Cincinnati, Ohio. I went to university of Dayton, but people go, oh, you're from Dayton. I'm like, no, I'm from more Cincinnati. We spent most of your youth in mason. Yeah, okay. Yes. Right by kings island. Now, what if zanesville tries to claim you? They can't. They'd like to. No, but they can't. It's like eastern Kentucky tries to claim me, and they didn't want me. Now they want me. I'm not claiming them. Let's put it that way. How about we take a break? Yes, Paul. When you were, I'll save it. Let's take a break. Let's take a break. Just don't bring up a

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