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Perfectly crowded and complex mix of musical instruments and vocal tracks. Steve doll has accepted. The challenge of isolating among part on singer. A recording booth under the watchful impatient is of the bandmates and producers armed with only a microphone and a pair of headphones that singer must dig deep to deliver the results you're about to hear guitar drums. This is Steve dolls. Naked and afraid. All right. Welcome to naked and afraid everyone. It's me that. What's his name? What's his name here in Chicago? Actually, I would drop down to brand Meyer, wouldn't it? If inserted me into the into the what's his name. Yeah. Right. Brand Myers Vince Argenta was questioning my man cow reference. But I only did that because that would be a, you know, what's his name. That's the name. I normally say right sorry, I'm making it more complicated. But Vince does that he drinks too much coffee. Jittery. I mean real and he'll go like did you hear what the stations have been sold knowing what? No, I've got it on good authority. He's just like rumors back there and drinks, and he can't stop drinking coffee. I know. Man, you know. Lacks. You gotta cut that thing with some cheese. You know, that's not one step down. That's several hundred steps down which I agree. Yeah. Yeah. It's a name. I wouldn't say is what I was thinking when you cut me into the art Hellier documentary because no one would say that that many people are going to say that many nice things about me. What do you think they talked about all the stuff he couldn't say brassiere? But yet his name was hell he had held in his native hundred times a day. That's how we found a way around it. Yeah. So I could name myself Steve pregnancy. Because you couldn't say pregnant either. Right. Yeah. Stephen pregnancy with all the pregnant pauses. Okay. Naked and afraid today. Love in an elevator. Aerosmith? Yesterday. I found myself in the elevator here and. I don't know. I was with a guy that worked in the building. And this we were talking a little bit or whatever and the elevator ladies her. She has a sexy voice. Yeah. We really should get somebody go record that. I'll go do it. Can you just during the SARS grab that? I mean, that's very close. If if that's sexier. Thank you. Don't get me wrong for Nella maters pretty sexy, and I had to really control myself neck. Oh, man. I wonder if she's as good look at it. She sounds. Yeah. Is that that seems like not hashtag me to me? Guy. They're both turned on by this room locker room be like, my it'd be my my access Hollywood tape do. They do. Yeah. I wonder if he's a sexy. She salads. Lobby when you ride the elevators off, a designed, do you? Don't even have to ask. All right. Sorry. We'll go. We do it because I don't feel like getting I'm sure I just write it down to the lobby and grabber as she's I never I don't notice her talking serious. Sometimes I read that. Nobody's going to get good. Yeah. Just press lobby and then be recording. And then you also when you come back up her sixth floor man that doesn't give you a little bit of a stiff. Oh, I mean, there's something wrong with you. Where am I? Nevada gets..

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