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Dimming in that now with the devils the rest of the way well as we mentioned Wayne Simmonds we had a chance to sit down with him on a recent devils podcast case you missed it we presented excerpts here touch upon a lot of subjects we will begin as he talks about growing up in Scarborough Ontario I'm a lot of hockey welcome let my dad took me skating when I was three years old for the first time at the Scarborough town centre they serve an outdoor rink right behind there so you take me every Sunday the he'd always you know brought me with hot chocolate and stuff like that that'll easy you take me there every Sunday I go skate nothingness or Saturdays I go skating in on the action never really put a skate on ever you always just that on the side and so if I fell down it was up to me to get up unknown is helping me and then you just go get a hot chocolate and then just put it on the side you know I make my way over to get my hot chocolate and that's how you drive me to get off my **** was like one of those rain hot chocolate that's like a little watery the rink was all doors and the confessions was inside Floyd always like you go listen for like if I can then look out of the corner of my eye and that I I I know what time it was exactly what so you did they were put on the stage which kudos to him you've got to figure out your self image he played although with all her daughter all honest to god I don't know why he wanted me to skate on my dad's from is from Nova Scotia small town called on north Preston so you know I I think that's kind of really were like Black Hawk you kind of started through the book you gave me when I was younger called black ice and it talked about it'll hockey league without Nova Scotia and all the black people are playing hockey out there and you know really opened up my eyes well you say well yeah well you go ahead with the world was going to say will you restore use well known I presume you've had a chance to meet a model of the other locations was like the first time you met him I mean having read about the history yeah you know it was sizing it it was a treat I was star struck I remember the first time I met him was my first year in Los Angeles and you know my age and uses can also works with Willie ari so Willie came down with his wife and daughter and stuff like that and they're out the game and music you're gonna meet Willie did I'm like really a link is always the US my I'd already growing up that was the first black hockey player I knew my parents made sure I knew who will be a real was so on getting our first opportunity to meet him was it was a dream come true and enough had many encounters with them since then and he's just he's awesome and you know I I wrote an article in the player's Tribune about William my I meant literally every single thing I said you know he was like an astronaut you know you know the first black player to play in note just getting time to get the chance to spend time with them over the years hasn't changed on body so jovial he saw how happy and it's just like you know it's like he's twenty years old and he's playing in the NHL again he just has so much spirit when did your hand recover from the handshake because that's about a strong no I think it took a little bit but well I was just so star struck is awesome if and cold coffee LU symptoms sounds like you should see a doctor so where do you go you go to the.

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