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To make Katrina not like him, you know, not like Ichabod and like him. So kind of left it open when when the whole thing. With a good bye disappearing. It's like was it because Brom bones just the one who told story was a prom they got rid of him because he then married Katrina or dead, you know, did it go by really disappeared and he just gets so scared that he left town and he married someone else and has this whole family live in yeah somewhere in another County in the witness protection program right now. He's hiring now Jerry Jones and he lives in. I kind of liked him. I guess he was you know. It is a prankster but not in the sense from him that if someone had made him aware of his toxic characteristics, he would have made at least a mild attempt to change whereas Gaston would have just shot him in the face with his musket or like he would have made a joke about it. Whereas Boston will be like, yeah. Yeah. I just haven't thrown in prison now cuz that's who I am off. Yeah noticed. The problem is just like the the main feature of all these people but not Tarzan cuz he's well, perfect and beautiful life is just like and even though like he felt that he he wanted to you know, give it a shot with humans and learn more about himself once his eighth family or a girl family was being.

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