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Kwami Raoul and Mike. Noor Heim say the lawsuit was filed over pollution, resulting from the explosion, which among other things contaminated, a wet land, and a lake about a mile from the plant where water used to extinguish the fire ended up along with chemicals. It seeks civil penalties and cleanup of any residual chemical leftover. This explosion was tragic row will says in a statement, but he says he filed the lawsuit to protect residents and the environment from any chemical contamination. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one zero five. Point nine FM place, trying to get to the bottom of a spike in the heroin overdose deaths that have occurred in Kane county became county sheriff, and the state's attorney's office say, there have been six heroin, overdose deaths in the past six weeks and twelve so far this year. Investigators believe drug traffickers are adding new compounds to heroin. The sheriff's office says it will step up efforts to target drug dealers. It says it will also work to help people kick their heroin, habit, rob heart NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM, WBZ news, time, ten twenty one to people on a wave runner fell into the Chicago river and were rescued by an architecture tour boat earlier today, Chicago police say their marine unit responded to a call about two people who had fallen off a wave runner, just west of the Chicago lock a spokesperson for when dela a company that runs boat tours along the river told CBS to the water vehicle was carrying two people and flipped over. When della employees use. A ladder to pull the people out of the water and drop them off at us EP marine safety station. Nobody was injured when della said on average, they make rescues like this once or twice a month. Dave Marquette, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM W, B, M news, time, ten twenty two. A conference today on Chicago's signed aim to give young people, the tools to find jobs. And.

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